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2/3/13 1:57 P

2 things

1) If your knees are bothering you, check your shoes. You should have something "low tread" to prevent sticking to the floor

2) Your instructor should be guiding you through a proper warm up in zumba. If she/he is not, they are doing the class a huge disservice.

Signed - licensed zumba instructor for the last 4 years :)

MLAN613 Posts: 19,269
2/3/13 8:40 A

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I am surprised the instructor doesn't take you through a short (maybe 5 minutes) warm-up. Every class I go to includes a warm-up. If the instructor does that, hen you shouldn't need an extra warm-up before class.

BIJOUX22 Posts: 4
2/3/13 4:02 A

Thanks for the tips! I had no idea stretching before was a bad idea...

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2/2/13 6:08 P

Walking/jogging in place might help. Save your static stretching for after Zumba!

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2/2/13 5:49 P

Light movement of your arms and legs for 10 min is great for a warm up!

Stretch after your cardio!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/2/13 4:34 P

Stretches aren't a warmup. You should never stretch cold muscles.

If you want to warm up before your class, walk there. If that's not possible, then get there early and walk around the block first, or do some basic stepping moves for 5-10 minutes before the class starts.

Then do some stretching if you really feel like it, although stretching before working out is now believed to have no benefit at all. Stretch after, but there's no risk-reduction in stretching beforehand.

BIJOUX22 Posts: 4
2/2/13 4:14 P

Hi all,

I just started doing Zumba. I absolutely LOVE the classes I'm taking (although I'm still trying to learn the moves + choreography- until then, I'm having FUN moving & keeping my heart-rate up).

One thing I would LOVE some ADVICE on... Are a few, names/tips for SIMPLE STRETCHES that would help WARMUP for ZUMBA (particularly one for the knees- I've had some trouble in the past & want to avoid pulling anything).

I usually just make up my own and do my best to stretch out before, but as those of you who Zumba know, once the music starts everyone JUMPS right in & then its Go-Go-Go for the next 60minutes AND my made up moves just dont cut it for this class! ha.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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