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RBRASHER Posts: 893
10/19/12 1:32 P

I think that sandwiches and chips served in a box like a lunch box. Or maybe a thermos full of soup? Could be expensive though. Maybe serve lunch in little hardhats!

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
10/15/12 2:31 P

Last year someone needed ideas for the same thing! I suggested serving chips/ veggiesin toy dump trucks, plus making sandwiches stacked to look like walls/buidings, dirt pudding in in toy bulldozer.........or serve a taco meal with ingredients in the toy trucks.............
Or is this what you meant by a "constuction party"?

3/30/12 10:20 A

How fun! Not sure the age of the kids...But you definitely need to rent one of those big round yellow coolers from McDonald's to serve drinks in! LOL...they have those at EVERY construction site!
It would be really cute to serve chips, etc on the backs of dollar store or walmart plastic toy dump trucks. Brownies would be cute in chunks, served the same way...they would look like dirt!
Cute ideas here:

I was going to post a pic of a construction cake I made (I am a cake decorator) but doesn't look like I can :(

Hope that helps!

BAMSY2310 Posts: 9
3/28/12 6:34 P

I need some help coming up with a great menu for a construction party for kids. Lots of foods that little ones and adults will both like. Or even just help with coming up with some great construction names for everyday foods that i could serve. Thanks!

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