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11/25/10 7:28 A

fairly new to these boards myself, I too find i am frustrated by these message boards and agree that I would love to see the discussions that would help me (and others presumably. That being said, I have to admit that I tend not to begin threads and perhaps that is what is needed - so I will begin posting my questions for discussion - those being related to the topic.
I too wonder where the moderator is.

GAILRUU Posts: 10,210
11/23/10 9:16 P

If you can find some of Richard Simmons old Sweatin' to the Oldies in a DVD I always enjoyed those.

GETUP-N-GOGIRL Posts: 8,854
11/23/10 9:12 P

Hi and emoticon DarkStar and Johnsone!

Our new thread for posting is here:

The thread title is:
"I'm serious about getting fit - will you join me?"

--and it was started by AMARILYNH aka Marilyn.

We'd love to have you become active over there!

When you click over to that thread, remember to hit the Subscribe button (or just create a reply post) so that you will then receive all the future posts!

Again: emoticon

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11/23/10 8:32 P

Hi, ladies (and gentlemen?)! I'm 56, in Corpus Christi, Tx, and it's been in the 80 degree range nearly every day this month. Blessedly cool after this summer! My husband has started a garden for the past couple of years but sadly we lose interest as the weather gets too hot. Or maybe we're too lazy! Anyway, I'm glad there are some real people out there. I'm looking forward to the new thread!

JOHNSONE4 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/23/10 7:27 P

Because I live on a rural road in Michigan, it is always difficult for me, except when I ride my bike. I live 12 miles from any where, so much of my work out time is DVD's. Does anyone know of some good ones other than Leslie Sameson's walking workouts?

GOALHUNTER SparkPoints: (0)
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11/22/10 9:19 P

Unseasonally warm here in Michigan but unfortunately heavy rain so I went to the Sr. Center to work out. I am glad to have this thread where we actually can talk about losing weight!! Thank you for strting it Marilyn


ELSEEBEE Posts: 4,410
11/21/10 7:31 P

I've been reading this thread the last couple of days and I must add my "hallelujah! Thank you, Marilyn, for setting up the new thread. I'm heading over there now. It sounds like I have a lot in common with many of you. I've lost 35 pounds and have now "plateaued" for several months. I'm more active than I've ever been in my life. But I look forward to learning some hints from the rest of you about how to improve my weight and fitness. See you at the other thread!

GAILRUU Posts: 10,210
11/21/10 3:19 P

I grow lots of vegetables and fruits and can and freeze them. Today I am making pumpkin pies and pumpkin bread from my own garden pumpkins. I am 68 and do my own garden tilling, harvesting and preserving. I have lost over 50 pounds in the last two years and still have a little left to go. I certainly feel a lot better and stronger since I have gotten more fit.

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11/21/10 2:03 P

After a really good day with a lot of steps yesterday I need to start moving today. I went to bed early and slept late so is a lazy & cloudy day. I did stay on program with my eating tho. Hope to do as well today.

The thread name is good. I'm sure I'm the oldest person on the board. I do WW. Had lost over 70# at one point but backtracked last year and have learned I must always stay with it or else I will gain it all back. If I do that I will probably be an invalid instead of being able to do most anything I want. That should be enough incentive to keep me going but I find I need an additional boost often.


AMARILYNH Posts: 17,781
11/21/10 12:38 P

o.k. - I did it - here is the name of the thread:

I'm serious about getting fit - will you join me?

I'm ready to JUST DO THIS - how about you?? I think this link will take you there:

GETUP-N-GOGIRL Posts: 8,854
11/21/10 12:22 P

Yes! Marilyn, I am -for- your suggestion of a positive-focused thread! I'd gladly begin posting there and let this thread die out... (or add a link on this thread to direct new ones to the new thread).

emoticon idea!

AMARILYNH Posts: 17,781
11/21/10 11:24 A

Good morning Ladies!! Can I make a suggestion? It sounds as if we are collecting a group of over 50 (over 60 in my case) who are serious about wanting to get healthy and lose weight. And I'm SO with you - I've been stuck right around 160 (after having reduced down from a high of 192 a couple of years ago) and I want to see if I can get at least 5 more pounds off. BUT I'm a very positive kind of person and it FRUSTRATES me that this thread has a kind of negative Topic. My suggestion is to create a new topic - maybe 'I'm over 50 and serious about getting fit - will you join me?' Then we can check in each day and support each other in reaching our goals!! What do you think? Shall I create it?? Marilyn in GA

ALICERIEGER Posts: 5,375
11/20/10 11:55 P

Hey Suzy if you come up with any good winter activities let me know.

Onlineasllou if you can learn patience you'll be a long way to a new healthy life style. I found that as time went on my progress sped up. Keep us posted.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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11/20/10 11:45 P

Hi. I'm happy to see that other people are trying to get some "over 50" conversation going. I joined SparkPeople about 5 weeks ago and have been really disappointed in the threads in this group. I don't come here to play games. I come to meet others and exchange information and support each other.

My story is that lost 40 pounds 5 years ago, but re-gained 35 due to a period of illness and injury. I am trying to get back on track. After losing 3 pounds, I joined SparkPeople and have since lost 3 more. While I still wish I would lose weight more quickly, I am trying to learn patience.

GETUP-N-GOGIRL Posts: 8,854
11/20/10 11:23 P

Hi there! I'll jump in on this thread... It's such a refreshing change from the majority of the other threads. emoticon

I haven't grown my own food (other than some tomatoes), but I -am- wanting to try container gardening this next spring.

Like someone else said, with the onset of winter, I am looking for other ways to be active indoors. I'm missing the warm, sunny days of summer and early fall! emoticon

Tomorrow is my 55th birthday and I requested a chair boxing exercise DVD as a gift. (I have ankle issues.) There are two segments to choose from on the DVD: one is a 17-minute session, and the other one is 40-minutes (I think). The preview was -very- short, so I'm hoping that it's something that I'll really like and stick with!

AMARILYNH Posts: 17,781
11/20/10 9:10 P

Just stopping by to say hello! Hope everyone is having a good weekend and staying OP!! I'm getting ready for the drive to Texas next week to see our families - hope you are having a beautiful weekend!

BETZYGIRL Posts: 2,178
11/20/10 4:36 P

I also have noticed that several of the threads on this board should be on the game board. It's fine to have them for the ones that want them, but they need to be in the right place.

I think I would be able to grow my own food, but I haven't really done too much in a garden. My husband loves gardening and he has his own way he wants things done, so I stay out of the way.

I haven't ever canned, but would like to learn to do that. My problem is, my husband doesn't think we need to buy a pressure canner or jars, we can just use the ones his mom had. With no directions I'm not about to try that, I'd probably blow up the kitchen emoticon

I started on SP in August and have lost 13 pounds. My goal is about 1 pound a week so I have a better chance of changing my lifestyle and keeping it off. Heart problems run in my family so it's time I get the weight off, learn to do cardio & strenth training, and learn to eat in a more healthy fashion.

With the encouragement I've been getting from emoticon s, I have confidence that I can succeed this time:)

GOALHUNTER SparkPoints: (0)
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11/20/10 3:35 P

Just finished finishing my garden. I intended to do it yesterday. When I opened the door the wind caught me and I just walked out to the mailbox and paper box and came back in the house. Today is only 45 degrees but no wind and sun is shining. A pleasure to be out. Everything is now picked. Now I have to clean it up and take care of it.

I do enjoy the garden and my flowers. It keeps me moving. I am a quilter and it is easy to just sit & forget to move. This winter I am going to set my timer and get up and move regularly.

Have a good day everyone.


ALICERIEGER Posts: 5,375
11/20/10 10:35 A

I have had a garden for 2 years now and i/m loving it. I am still learning what to do but I think that is half the fun. I tried sweet onions for the first time this year and I think I did something wrong. They got nice an big but the stalks are almost as big as the onion.

Now since the gardening season is over I'm having a hard time getting my activities in. The weather has turned cold, wet and windy so walking isn't the pleasure it is during the rest of the year and without my gardening I've got to find some other activity to keep me on my feet and moving.

I hope everyone has a good day.

AMARILYNH Posts: 17,781
11/19/10 6:51 P

I guess I COULD grow my own food if I had to, but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that LOL (just because there are other things I prefer to do, like walk, to working in the garden.) I do mill my own flour, though - I buy wheat in 42 pound buckets then mill it just before I make my bread or muffins. And I try to make all our food from scratch - I avoid processed foods.

I didn't just jump in to walking the number of miles I walk - I began running in 1986 but had to change to walking about 13 years ago when I developed knee problems. I was walking about 30 miles a week before I retired 3 years ago - after that I worked my mileage up to where it is now. It took about a year to lose most of my weight - since then I've been staying around 160 (sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less.) I'd love to lose 5 to 10 more pounds - but I won't cut my calories too low to do it. I'm thrilled with SP's nutrition tracker - I'm hoping using it I can finally get these last pounds off. But if I can't I'll just keep doing what I'm doing to stay healthy - at this point in life that is my major goal!!

GOALHUNTER SparkPoints: (0)
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11/19/10 1:29 P

I do grow a lot of my own food. My freezer is full including the one with the refrigerator. I am finishing up the garden later this afternoon. I still have carrots,leeks,onions & cabbage to take care of. Gone are my days of having cattle and chickens but will have my garden as long as I am able to.

I work hard at trying to get 10,000 per day. . I average that but it is difficult in cold weather. Today the wind is gusting up to 30MPH. I won't do much walking except in the garden. I go to the Sr.Center gym 3 days per week to work out.

It has taken me 3 years to lose what I have lost.


ALICERIEGER Posts: 5,375
11/19/10 11:19 A

Welcome to Sparks Mamakitty. I started out using a pedometer and found I had to work to get 2000 steps a day in. So My goal was to go 50 steps more than I did the day before. Now my average is about 7000 steps hitting 10,00 when I am particularly active (I played with my Grandkids) I think if you use their small steps philosophy you will do just great.

MAMAKITTY10 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/18/10 9:36 P

I'm new here. My name is Sandy. I just turned 64 last week and have about 100 pounds to lose. I am so out of shape. AMARILYNH I'm amazed at how far you walked. I try to walk 15 to 20 min a day. But when I first started I just walked during the commercials. I'm interested in any help I can get.

REBCCA SparkPoints: (412,653)
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11/18/10 8:34 P

It is pathetic to see the meaningless and redundant subjects that are started here. I visit once in a while in hopes it will improve... emoticon sigh!

I appreciate Coach Jen's suggestion and hope that does help.

So here is a question:
If you needed to, could you grow your own food? Do you know where your food comes from now?

Edited by: REBCCA at: 11/18/2010 (20:36)
AMARILYNH Posts: 17,781
11/18/10 7:11 P

o.k. - so are we in agreement - try to 'check in' here every day? Do we want to continue under this 'title' or create a new 'Check in every day' board?

So here is my daily check in - I had a GREAT day! My weight is still staying steady (as in not going up or down) but I'm feeling stronger!! I walked 11-1/2 miles today - 7 before going to my dental appt (just a cleaning) at 11:00am and 4-1/2 more after returning and having lunch. I listen to audiobooks while walking and I was quite near the end of a Lisa Gardner mystery (Hide) when I came in on my first walk (HAD to quit then to have time to shower before my appt) so it wasn't hard to convince myself to go back out. I'm trying to walk twice a day as often as possible - hoping to 'pump up' my metabolism to get my weight headed down!!

DHOLLOWAY60 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/18/10 8:19 A

I agree count me in.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

SAFETYSUE Posts: 7,994
11/18/10 7:47 A

AMARILYNH, Glad to see you here and would love to keep a post going that was a good as the one you gals had going. I will do what I can to help.

We do have different challenges than the younger gals, and with a good thoughtful message board we can be an example for them in creating great boards of their own.


AMARILYNH Posts: 17,781
11/17/10 9:46 P

Sue, I was on that board for a while too - know what you mean! So - let's create our own!! I for one am frustrated with getting my last 10 pounds off - maybe we can encourage each other!! Let's face it - those of us over 50 (over 60 in my case) face some challenges we didn't have 30 years ago!!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,429
11/16/10 10:45 P

I do hope they delete all the junk soon.

The brides support group and the family support group are wonderful without the frivolous stuff.... it will be nice when this board is the same!

ALICERIEGER Posts: 5,375
11/16/10 2:07 P

I've been looking for a message board that had some meat to it. I hope you can get this one going again.

JOJOSHOME SparkPoints: (0)
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11/16/10 12:54 A

I will have to check out the team boards. I am just tired of the same old posts which deal with collecting points, who cares what time I got up or when I went to bed! I want to hear about how people are dealing with everyday challenges or help someone who needs some support. That's why I joined Spark, for the friendship, insight of others and the support from those who have been there and conquered. Not to find out that someone got 5 points today.

SAFETYSUE Posts: 7,994
11/16/10 12:02 A

How refreshing JoJo, I nominate you to be the moderator.

There was a great thread on here when I started on the topic posting every day. I was just getting to know the ladies on that post and someone popped in and had some negative comments and the thread fell apart. I personally wasn't aware of this other game board thread but will check it out. I find that when I get into posting a lot, it is on the team message boards and have fallen into the common posts that are on this board.

Would love to have someone like you to help get it back on track!

JOJOSHOME SparkPoints: (0)
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11/15/10 8:03 P

Thank You!!!!! Coach Jen. I think a lot of people an unfamiliar with the topic guild lines and are not aware of the game room board. Hopefully we can get this board back to it's original and insightful purpose!!!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,776
11/15/10 6:46 P

Hi Ladies

I deleted a bunch of threads, but our Tech folks have to delete the ones with thousands of posts (and we don't always have the resources to do that.) But hopefully I cleaned things up a little.

We don't have a formal moderator for this forum, so if you see issues continuing or "game" posts, click the Report thread at the bottom and I can delete them as soon as they start.


Coach Jen

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,429
11/15/10 5:54 P

I am with you!

This used to be a board full of insight, thoughtfulness and information.

Now it has turned into another Game Room... which is a darn shame.

I hope a moderator steps in and deletes ALL the posts that belong in the game room.

Then this board can return to its original purpose!
Which is dealing with life issues that hit when after 50....

Edited by: LUANN_IN_PA at: 11/15/2010 (17:54)
JOJOSHOME SparkPoints: (0)
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11/15/10 5:35 P

Help!!!! Where is the moderator?? Am I the only one frustrated with this board!!!There are way too many repeat threads on this board and way too many revolve around collecting points only. By the way you can only get points for 5 posts a day. Most of them belong on the games board since they are for only scoring points. There used to be such good discussions on here which dealt with the issues facing those of us hitting 50 and above. What happened here? Where did all the intelligent thoughtful and helpful posts go? I am disappointed that there are not more people my age who have something interesting to say.. I doubt i will be coming back to this board which is sad since this is where i started!!!

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