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MTNCLIMBER88 Posts: 1,229
1/3/11 11:30 P

I would say Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts or a smoothie with protein powder. It might be easier for you to mix things up if you ate your grain serving in the morning...

JESSLHT Posts: 299
1/3/11 10:28 P

Fruit and cottage cheese is my go to. When I mix cottage cheese and strawberries and put a little splenda on top it sometimes even tastes like cheesecake! Mmmm...

1/3/11 9:49 P

What about Greek yogurt with some sliced almonds and berries? Or you could have some canadian bacon with fruit?

KALORIE-KILLAH SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 5,261
1/3/11 9:42 P

Keep in mind that you don't have to eat breakfast foods for breakfast! There are many days where I really want a grilled cheese sandwich, soup, or rice and beans when I wake up... so I have it! As long as it's well-rounded and meeting your nutrition needs, it doesn't matter!

DREAMSEEKER9 SparkPoints: (32,352)
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1/3/11 9:21 P

Thanks for the great tips, everyone. I'm definitely going to try the smoothie recipes. And I do need to think outside the box and try some things that aren't typical breakfast foods.

My doctor suggested that I only have 1 serving of grains a day because she thinks my diet is too high in bread and sugar. I'm also having hormone issues, I'm estrogen-dominant with low progesterone. My doctor thinks that lowering my carb intake and also losing weight will help also lower my estrogen.

DISPATCHERGURL SparkPoints: (111)
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1/3/11 9:23 A

cottage cheese and fruit

LOVEBRAZIL23 Posts: 78
1/3/11 8:54 A

Fruit is always a good choice. Special K is very tasty too.

1/3/11 8:44 A

I do a variation on the protein smoothie recommended by Jackie Warner:

3/4 to 1 cup frozen berries/fruit
a handful of organic greens (i.e. spinach)
1 scoop protein powder
1/2 scoop SuperFoods or SuperGreens powder
1/4 tsp glutamine powder
1 tsp Omega-3 fish oil
enough water to get it to the right consistency (my blender objects if there is not enough water)

This usually makes a very large, hearty smoothie for between 215-275 calories, depending on what kind of fruit (& how much). That's a bit low for AM calories, but generally I work out afterward and have a pretty good snack. If you want more calories, you could add more fruit or more protein powder, or you could mix it with milk instead of water.

1/3/11 8:37 A

What about smoked salmon (half price in my supermarket now that Christmas is gone and i freeze the surplus) with a small serving of rice or a potato that keep well in the fridge?

NIRERIN Posts: 14,274
1/3/11 8:22 A

may i ask why she suggested only 1 serving of grains? not having eggs because you have a problem with them sounds like very sound medical advice to me, but not having grains because you have a problem with eggs sounds a little shaky and unfounded or at least out of left field.

if you really like eggy things for breakfast, perhaps use a tofu recipe replacement.
beyond that soups and stews make great breakfasts, as do last night's dinner leftovers.

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
1/3/11 3:36 A

A smoothie made with your favorite can add some flax for added boost

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
1/2/11 11:41 P

also remember that you don't have to limit yourself to breakfast foods. Leftover dinner could become breakfast.

other ideas
-peanut butter with celery or carrot sticks
-lean lunch meat rolled up with a slice of cheese or two
- My mom used to like a rice cake spread with neufchatel cheese(less fat cream cheese) and a little strawberry jam.... or a rice cake with peanut butter on it
- fruit
-Rice cereals with milk(rice krispies, rice chex, etc)

1/2/11 10:46 P

I like to make hash with shreddded butternut squash or sweet potato. Throw in some chopped apple, onion and lean turkey sausage and it's pretty filling and a great breakfast option.

1/2/11 9:46 P

Hey there. I have made Dr Oz's shake before, and it is actually pretty tasty. But I wouldn't try it without the banana, it really needs the consistency. Or I have tried a bunch of varieties of Naked juice. There are no preservatives or additives. They are a little high in calories, but it is all from fruit. Hope this helps!

I usually use the whole banana, and then skip the honey.

PSYCH90 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/2/11 9:43 P

The smoothies are a good idea. You could also try eating fruit, something like grape fruit with a little bit of sugar is really good.

DREAMSEEKER9 SparkPoints: (32,352)
Fitness Minutes: (23,067)
Posts: 354
1/2/11 9:36 P

Recent bloodwork showed that I have a high food sensitivity to eggs, so my doctor wants me off eggs for several months. She also suggested that I only have 1 serving of grains per day! emoticon I don't like cottage cheese or yogurt, but I could make smoothies with skim milk and add in protein. Does anyone have other ideas for a healthy breakfast with those restrictions? Thanks!

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