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10/4/13 11:27 A

I know exactly what you mean. I too work 40 hours a week, go to school full time, and I have a two year old. It is very hard to keep the motivation with life being so busy. I know there is no way I will wake up at 5 am to get my workout in, but I have to workout in the morning or usually I won't do it. So, I try to get my good work out of at least 30 minutes in on my mornings off. While I am at work I try to make sure I get up from my desk to walk around as much as possible. Also every time I go to the bathroom I do 10 squats. While the weather is warm I also try to make sure I walk the trash to the dumpster. Luckily at my job I get some exercise done almost every morning because I have to clean for the first 30-40 minutes when I get there. I would just suggest to get in little bits of exercise here and there throughout your day. And then I know it is hard to make yourself workout on your day off, but I would make sure to do that.

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10/4/13 11:06 A

Either break it up into smaller things- like split the difference- sleep 15 extra min and go for a walk, or set an appointment for yourself and do it. I used to work out in the mornings- it worked okay for me, but it became a struggle. Now I go home after work, change, and go straight to the gym. That's what works for me. You have to just force yourself to do it- truth.

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10/4/13 10:00 A

Do what you can, when you can. Cooking dinner? Do jumping jacks while you wait for the water to boil. Driving to class? Park as far away as you can and walk briskly to your building. 30 minute lunch break at work? Go outside and walk. Watching your favorite show? Jog around the living room during commercials.

Every little bit adds up! Recent studies have shown that you don't have to do all your exercise in one fell swoop; splitting it up is just as effective!

I am not a morning person, so I walk for 30-50 minutes at lunch (I am blessed with an hour), do squats in the bathroom, do wall pushups in the shower, do tricep dips off the edge of the counter while my lunch heats up, do core-strengthening leg lifts while checking my email... Get it in where you can!

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10/4/13 9:15 A

Hi there. No fear, sparkpeople is here! I wanted to ask, how much sleep (good sleep) are you actually getting? Maybe your body is very tired and sleep deprived. I would first suggest figuring out how much sleep you need and when your core sleep hours are.

Have you seen Spark Guy's 10 minute fitness streak? I would say start with that. Start super small. It makes you feel good even to do just 10-20 minutes of active play everyday. I know what you mean about it being dark outside. The sun was rising at 5am here, and now it's closer to 6:45am. It will definitely take the body sometime to adjust.

Maybe playing some nice soothing music, lighting a candle, something you can do indoors would even help. All the best.

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10/4/13 8:49 A

I'm having trouble lately choosing exercise over sleep.
I'll set (multiple) alarms for the morning, glance over at the window, see how pitch black it is, and instantly write off running outside. Then I'll consider doing a tape (like TurboJam), and decide I need sleep better, and I could work out when I get home from work. Usually, the evening turns into a crazy binge (this happens every night) and I instantly regret everything.
On top of this, I work 40+ hours a week, while going to school full-time.
I do realize this is probably stress related, but exercise, work and school are three necessary aspects of my life, and I'm having a very hard time finding a good medium that does not result in my pants no longer fitting.
Any suggestions would be wonderful

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