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1/31/12 6:28 P

It takes more time than we would like to give it - but if you are losing inches, you are WINNING! How you look depends as much on the shapliness of your body as the weight of it - you are building MUSCLE and that is awesome! It took me a while to kick start the actual pound loss - overall, it worked. BUT - I worked with a trainer for four months, then - heartbroken over the loss - we had to move away and I don't see him anymore. I DO see what he did for me - I still follow his diet and his exercise program and track everything here.Follow the NUTRIENTS portions of the SparkPeople diet - it is not ONLY the number of calories, but what you eat. (1200 calories worth of chocolate will not give you a trim or healthy body - even if that is all you eat. I tried it once. Didn't work...)
Keep on exercising - follow the recommended food groups - track everything - and keep the faith. May God grant you success in this journey we all share.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,456
1/27/12 8:12 P

Working out is NOT enough....
Weight loss is 80% nutrition and you CANNOT outtrain a bad diet.

Are you tracking your food?
Staying within your Spark-generated calorie range?

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1/27/12 6:14 P

It can be frustrating... but actually losing inches is WAY better than losing weight itself. The 5 lbs can be partly from you replacing fat with lean muscle, can be from water retention, lots of different factors. Don't give up! The number on the scale is just that - a number... what you see in the mirror and how you feel is what really matters.

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1/27/12 4:21 P

So I have been working out and have not lost weight I know I have only been working at it for only just a little bit now. But have lost no weight I have actually gained 5lbs and the only thing i have lost is inches. Just wondering what else can i do to lose the weight to not just the inches. Any pointers?

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