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7/26/13 5:38 P

I looked treading water up online and several places had it at burning 11 calories per min for 150 lb person.

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7/23/13 11:11 P

Reducing 6 hours in the water down to 120 calories seem TOO conservative. I would have thought that 300-500 calories would be the minimum for extended physical activity like this.

I've seen a few trackers have 2 listings for treading water - moderate and vigorous. It's not hard to believe that a goalkeeper on a water polo team could well burn 500 calories in 30 minutes 'treading water'. More moderate treading water - basically just keeping your head above water would burn far less that this.


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7/23/13 10:24 P

Thanks Mel - I'm actually in water for closer to 6 hours total, so I was rounding down when I said two hours. With that being said, I completely understand what you are saying about our bodies adapting and burning fewer calories for things we are efficient at. I counted the treading for 30 minutes per day (that I work), and I used my own calorie estimate of about 120 calories - the calories burned that the website had was in my opinion way to high, at least for someone who does it on a regular basis (500+ calories burned in 30 minutes). Thanks again!

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7/23/13 10:03 P

It is important to eat appropriately to support high activity levels. On this basis, you should definitely track this, to ensure that your intake is sufficient.

However, there are good reasons to be conservative in your calorie estimates of treading water:
* your body gets efficient (ie. burns fewer calories) at anything it does regularly, and you are likely burning less calories than a non-regular swimmer who trod water for 2 hours
* the tracker assumes continuous activity, but I assume that at least some of this time you are holding on to the edge, or standing in shallow water.

So while you are in the water for 2 hours, perhaps tracking 60 minutes of treading water would be appropriate.


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7/23/13 9:48 P

I would count it. You are moving and burning calories. HAVE FUN!!

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7/23/13 8:54 P

I'm a swimming instructor and spend about 2 hours a day treading water (I'm in water for a total of 4.5 hours). Should I count some of that treading in my fitness tracker or not? It is part of my daily schedule for 6 weeks in the summer but not all year round... Thoughts?

Thanks for your help!!!

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