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Unfortunately, no one here is able nor allowed to give you medical advice for the treatment of pain. If it's not going away after a few weeks, you really do need to see a medical professional. See if there's a free clinic in your area (the weight times are hell, but the price is worth the wait.) If worse comes to worst, most emergency rooms will see you. It's more expensive in the long run (as I can attest from the thousands of dollars my husband has in medical bills) but if there's no other treatment option, they're there.

Here's SP's expert answer on this subject, with links to resources:

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I'm a runner and I did a half marathon a few weeks ago and since then I've had a niggle of a pain on the outside of my calf that won't go away. Its fine until I start exercising. I really can't afford to see anyone medical at the moment, would anyone be able to point me in the direction of exercises I can do that would be able to help? Much obliged.

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