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12/5/12 9:35 P

Thanks for all the suggestions!

ZEDMAY Posts: 41
12/5/12 4:45 P

Maybe the spices in this dish will perk up your bland oranges:

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12/5/12 2:14 P

Maybe try these?
I loved them and you could easily put in orange instead of lemon, and maybe just use raspberries instead of blueberries, I don't know how good orange and blueberries go, but raspberries and orange are good. Orrr even use homemade cranberry sauce. Speaking of, this recipe for cranberry sauce uses orange.

WHICHHATTODAY SparkPoints: (37,195)
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12/5/12 2:00 P

Thanks for the advice and ideas. Freezing the zest is a really good idea because orange (lemon or lime) zest is something I typically omit from recipes because I don't have any on hand or don't want to have a "bald" fruit on my hands when the recipe only calls for zest.

With all the holiday gatherings coming up I could try several orange-y desserts and maybe find a new favorite better-for-me sweet!!!

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12/5/12 12:09 P

Whole oranges frozen do NOT work. I grew up in an citrus growing area, and the fruits being frozen due to weather ruined the crops, happened a few times growing up and the orange growers were devastated. Freezing causes them to become very mealy.

BUT, you can juice them and freeze the juice in ice cube trays, so you have small amounts to use in recipes, or in smoothies. Also you can zest them and save the zest in a airtight container. I made this stir fry that used a half cup of orange juice
Also if you google "orange desserts" a ton of links will come up with dessert items you can make with orange juice and zest. I'm like you and I can't handle the acidity of oranges or full on juice, but I can handle it when it's mixed into a sauce or something.

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12/5/12 12:01 P

Awesome ideas! Growing up with ( and marrying) the typical Midwestern meat-and-tators eaters, I'm lacking in the fruit and veggies inspired cooking dishes. I'm really focusing on eating healthier and you've given my some inspiring ideas. I wasn't sure oranges would freeze well and didn't even think about drying them. Maybe since they are "bland" using them this way won't upset my tummy and will satisfy my frugal nature. Thanks so much!!!

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12/5/12 11:45 A

This may be a waste of time if they really don't have any flavor, but you can dry them or make smoothies.

Dried oranges are pretty tasty snacks and you can put a couple of slices in hot or cold water, hot or cold teas, use them when cooking, or whatever you can dream up.

You can also make a smoothie with 4 or 5 oranges (peeled but zest 1 first and throw it into the smoothie too), 2 cups of ice, 1/3 cup milk (regular, 1%, skim,coconut, etc), 1tsp vanilla, and 2Tbsp honey (or agave or sugar). You can leave the honey out if you want. Blend everything. You can add more ice or freeze the orange sections for 30 minutes if you want also.

You can also find recipes to cook with the oranges.

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12/5/12 10:10 A

I'm at a loss...
Hubby is the only one in the house who loves fresh oranges - the acidity really upsets my tummy.
Last weekend I bought a bag of oranges and hubby says they are bland and doesn't want to eat them.

Is there ANYTHING I can do to not waste a five-pound bag of healthy fruit???

Aside from an occasional glass of orange juice mixed 50/50 with V-8's Strawberry-Banana Fruit Smoothie (which, of course, I haven't been able to find for the last couple of weeks), my tummy can't handle very much OJ.

Help!!! I am too frugal to just throw them away and I really hate wasting food, especially food I know is really good for you.

I appreciate any suggestions!!!

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