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MRYKYLDY2 Posts: 551
8/10/09 4:32 P

I also made a lot of my own baby food that both my children loved. There were something that I had fed them from the table that they started to refuse from the baby food jars. It worked out that the texture was different and I suppose there were other things in it that they did not care for. It helps in the way of your child not being such a picky eater as they grow up. What you are doing for your baby is awesome!!

MRYKYLDY2 Posts: 551
8/10/09 4:29 P

talk to your pediatrician about putting your child on whole milk with Iron vitamin drops in it. I had mine on whole vitamin D milk did the iron drops and rice cereal in it 2 times a day and they are fine.

TMRPLUS1 Posts: 40
8/10/09 4:28 P

I'm also making my own baby food so I can feed her some odd things that you probably normally wouldn't find in prepared baby food. We started her on pureed lentils which are very nutritious and a great source of fiber and iron. She loves them. can really help you out in finding nutritious foods for your baby, even if you want to stick with store bought.

TMRPLUS1 Posts: 40
8/10/09 4:25 P

I'm struggling with my 7 month old. She started refusing to drink formula out of the bottle at 5 months. She had gotten up to 30 oz of formula a day, then started refusing it we are no down to 14-16 oz. a day. We started her of food at 4 months so she is up to 4-5 oz of food 3x a day now. We give her egg yolks and avocado frequently to contribut fats and cholesterol which are needed for brain development. We will be talking to the doc about it at vaccine visit this week. At the last appt. she wasn't concerned as long as the baby was eating 20 oz. of formula and getting water (tx is hot) but now we are below that so not sure what she will say. But when it comes down to it... you can't force feed them. You just have to do your best and really pay attention to the kinds of food they are eating. And talk to your doctor a lot. Good luck... I'm so ready to throw in the towel on the formula.

8/4/09 1:12 P

with all my kid's if they wanted to drink out of a bottle or eat an get it everywhere..I let them...sounds like your little 1 is just trying to show you "Hey Look! I like it this way better,so let them develope into their own little self!

MRYKYLDY2 Posts: 551
7/29/09 10:48 A

BIJ - I agree with you. Unfortunately there comes a time when the baby will not drink formula or breast milk or the parents simply can not afford formula or can not breast feed. I started both my kids on whole milk at 6 months with the full support of their doctor. Our grandparents and many of our own parents started us on whole milk before the age of 1 and we all turned out fine.

BIJOUX7 Posts: 790
7/29/09 5:19 A

Formula and breast milk contain essential fatty acids which are essential for brain development which is why pediatricians recommend formula/breast milk until year 1, then switch to whole milk because the developing brain needs the extra lipids (fats) for optimal development

7/14/09 3:07 P

If he's eating other food, just go with it. Just make sure he's eating good quality food and maybe get him started on kids vitamins. Formula isn't a necessity just because he's 8 months old. It's the nutrients he needs, not the formula itself. Rather than trying other types of formulas, just make sure you give him nutritious meals. The closest to nature you can get the better...
A friend of mine gave her son soy milk, until she read an article somewhere about soy "making boys gay" so she took her son off of it. I've also read somewhere that soy products (along with others) cause estrogen-like affects. If your doctor doesn't see a problem with him eating solid foods, I wouldn't worry about it.

For other sources of calcium, does he like cheese, yogurt, etc. I believe smaller amounts of calcium can also be found in some veggies, but I'm not sure which ones... something to look into anyway.

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MRYKYLDY2 Posts: 551
7/13/09 5:14 P

freida, it is awesome to hear that he is doing well with you have been giving him. It gets hard and frustrating with a baby sometimes but is easier when you have people to give you ideas.

FREIDA1973 Posts: 596
7/13/09 3:07 P

he has been doing great with the soy milk and the yogurt. He has been going through like 10 jars of food every 2-3 days. Plus he eats the rice cereal and oatmeal. I can't start him on the 3's which have the bigger jars b/c he doesn't have teeth yet.

MRYKYLDY2 Posts: 551
7/13/09 12:37 A

I did things REALLY backwards with my kids, more like way old school as in what our mom's and grandmom's had done with all their kids when they were babies. I have two kids and had a very understanding Dr. that supported me in my choices. My daughter I started feeding rice cereal at 6 weeks and progressed with one new food a week. With my son, I started feeding him at 6 days old. My son was a large baby and was eating all the time from the breast and the bottle. He also got one new food a week as well. Both my two were on Vitamin D milk at 6 months old. Their Dr. told me to make sure that I get iron drops for their milk, he was very specific and wanted the one with the rabbits on the package. Again talk to your childs dr. about whether soy or regular milk would be better and if there are supplemental vitamins you need to give. Most dr.'s are very understanding to the needs of a baby.

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7/2/09 2:38 P

Both my kids love yogurt. The 5 yo likes the vanilla, or any smooth (no chunks). But the little one has such a problem with constipation that I don't buy it anymore cause then he will want it and have problems later, and that is worse.
Try some different ones.


GUERITA09 Posts: 9
7/1/09 8:37 P

You may not want to give in to your baby's demands because the long run can be difficult. Dentists recommend a sippy cup by the age of one. Sooner is better because the bottle concentrates the liquid at the front teeth. With that said, I agree with everyone in contacting the pediatrician. I also think tough love in this will go a long ways. I have four children...each is very different and what works with one doesn't necessarily work with others.

FREIDA1973 Posts: 596
7/1/09 8:12 P

I talked his doctor and she said the soy milk was fine I also bought some plain yogurt to mix with his cereal and fruit. I hope he eats it. He will probably be up in about 30 min. or so.

CASHE00 Posts: 177
7/1/09 7:29 P

I agree with AAANNE~ I would definitely talk to his Dr. I think they recommend at least some formulat until 12 months... I have a 9 month old at home... good luck! Your baby is adorable.

AASLP___ Posts: 9,650
7/1/09 3:13 P

Talk to his pediatrician about this.

7/1/09 1:48 P

SoyMilk is generally equal or higher in essential vitamins and minerals than regular milk, so it's a great choice. However, I raised 3 kids who are lactose intolerant on OJ with calcium on our doctors suggestion since two were before soy milk was available in grocery stores. They went from breast feeding at about 9 months to OJ with calcium and a good multivitamin for babies. Today, two of them are fully grown and have no nutritional or growth side effects from it. The third is very tall and in grade school and he's very smart.

Today, they all drink Soy Milk. It is more expensive than regular milk, but not as much as the other stuff your are using.

Here's a general comparison on the two:
Silk Vanilla Soymilk

Calories – 100, Total Fat – 3.5g, Saturated Fat – 0.5g, Trans Fat – 0g, Cholesterol – 0mg, Sodium – 95mg, Total Carbohydrate – 10g, Dietary Fiber – 1g, Sugars – 7gm, Protein – 6g, Vitamin A – 10%, Vitamin D – 30%, Calcium – 30%, Iron – 6%.

Regular Dairy Milk

Calories – 150, Total Fat – 8g, Saturated Fat – 5g, Trans Fat – 0g, Cholesterol – 35mg, Sodium – 125mg, Total Carbohydrate – 13g, Dietary Fiber – 0g, Sugars – 12gm, Protein – 8g, Vitamin A – 6%, Vitamin D – 25%, Calcium – 30%, Iron – 0%.

I think overall, I would try him on the soy and possible the OJ with calcium in combination to see if he responds well.

Hope this helps!

FREIDA1973 Posts: 596
7/1/09 12:42 P

My 8 month old will not drink formula, out of the bottle, sippy cup, or in cereal.

About a month ago he decided he was not drinking out of his bottle any more. whether it be formula, juice or water. So he drank from a sippy cup and had his formula with cereal. Then he decided he didn't want to drink formula at all. So we started mixing vanilla pediasure with his formula and started giving him the bottle again, but only at night and in the morning, you still had to kind of force it on him but he would drink it. But lately he doesn't want the formula at all, not in his bottle or in his cereal. This morning I gave him pediasure only, I poured it in his bottle and he would not drink it, so I poured the pediasure in his sippy cup and he drank the whole thing which is good, because it has the vitamins and calcium, but it is very expensive a six pack is almost 10 bucks.

He eats everything else, and he drinks water and juice, but it appears that he is pretty much done with formula. A co -worker said that I could give him soy milk for his calcium. Has anyone ever heard of that? The main thing I am worried about is his calcium, b/c he can get the rest of the vitamins from eating food.
Do thy make a calcium vitamin or something for infants?

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