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5/27/13 7:52 P

Hi, AngelSue! Like you I'm a cat lover! and like you I have to make myself work out - it's not my favorite thing. It's after work, I'm tired & want to relax. But - we all do stuff every day we don't exactly want to do. Go to work, for one - I do it because I HAVE to. Take care of the house or kids, just the regular stuff of life we do because things fall apart if we don't. Well, I know that I fall apart with no working out. I try to make it fun- I like music, so play music loud and dance hard! I like water, so swim and do water aerobics. I'm learning to love weights - but you have to do that a while to get to the love part. What everyone said about finding something you enjoy is true but you still might have to kick yourself in the rear every time to get going. Later though you will thank yourself, and be so proud of yourself! emoticon start easy and don't give up!

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/27/13 12:38 P

Why do you want to exercise? And why don't you want to exercise?

As others mentioned, no one else can motivate you - motivation has to come from within. I have a few things that motivate me - I have brightly colored workout clothes that I like putting on (and will only put on when I'm going to exercise), exercise makes me feel good, I like conquering mini goals (lifting a bit more, running a little further), I like logging it in to my tracker on Spark and seeing all those minutes and burned calories add up, and the main reason I choose to exercise as much as I do - it gives me a higher calorie range since I love to eat!

On days where "I just don't wanna", I remember any one of these things and even if I don't want to in that moment, by the time I get started I already feel good about it. Think of your reasons why, write them down, and keep that handy for when you just don't wanna.

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5/27/13 12:26 P

I don't enjoy exercising -- and I don't look forward to it. I don't expect that I ever will. As an earlier poster said ... if I waited to exercise until I found something that I LIKED to do and WANTED to do, I would never exercise.

However, I have exercized regularly for over 5 years now. How did I do it? I slowly established a HABIT of exercising, and once a habit is firmly established, it's easier to maintain it. Research shows that if you can do something regularly for a month, it becomes a habit and doing it feels right: not doing your habit feels wrong.

In other words, think about how hard it is to break a habit you want to break. Use the force of habit to support your desire to be someone who exercises regularly. It won't be fun at first, but like brushing your teeth, or washing your face before you go to bed at night ... if you do it regularly, you will eventually feel "out of rythm" if you don't do it.

Choose a time of day that will work well for your usual schedule. Pick a time and form of exercise that you can realistically do regularly. You need consistency to establish a habit. I started with doing DVD's in my home right after I came home from work in the evening (since I was going to change my clothes and take a shower anyway.) I started with 10-15 minutes, 3 days per week. After about 2 weeks, I increased it to 20 minutes. Then I increased to 4 times per week at the end of the first month.

5.5. years later, I do 30-40 minutes, 5 days per week -- and I have gradually lost 50 pounds. I don't expect to increase my exercise more than that. I just want to maintain my habit of exercise most evenings after work and at least once on the weekend and eating sensibly. While I can't say that I "like" it ... and I don't look forward to it before I start ... I have learned to tolerate it and "not hate it" anymore. I start out not wanting to do it each day, but get a more positive attitude as I go. But the end of the DVD, I feel good both physically and mentally.

It may sound silly, but I often hear a line from the movie "Gladiator" in my head that I use to get me started. "Sometimes I do what I want to do. Sometimes I do what I have to do."

Good luck to you.

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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
5/26/13 10:05 P

Second the advice to find something you like

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5/26/13 8:31 P

I joined the Y and set up a schedule (I take water exercise classes 4-5 days/week.) I write them down in my planner, and treat them as I would any appointment or work-related event or whatever. Even if I don't feel particularly motivated, I go anyway (for one thing, I've PAID for the classes) and once I'm there I always have a good time.

MLAN613 Posts: 19,034
5/26/13 8:15 A

I agree that you need to find exercise you "enjoy" to maintain motivation. And I loved the poster who mentioned if she waited for the motivation to kick in, she'd never leave the couch.

This is all so true! If you enjoy the pending activity, it does help. Try out an exercise calls through your community education or a local gym. Do you have kids, get your workout in at the park while they're playing. Playground equipment isn't just for kids anymore.

Also, I schedule mine into my day and it's more or less non-negotiable. Sometimes I have to switch days around due to work or family obligations. Maybe you can try this or find a work out buddy who doesn't take no for an answer.

I also set goals to keep me going. This month I am running 100 miles to get a much coveted shirt. I also run races like half marathons. I hate running but the reward of friendships made and a shirt and/or medal keep me going.

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5/26/13 6:41 A

Hi, Angel !

Perhaps the reason you don't feel motivated to exercise is because exercise feels too much like "work". a person should look forward to exercise, NOT dread it. So, if you're dreading the thought of working out, then you need to find an activity you really enjoy doing. Because when we enjoy doing something, we look forward to doing something every day.

You don't have to run to be fit. You don't have to use an elliptical. There are lots of fun things you could do to become more active. You could ride a bike, take a martial arts class, take dance lessons, go hiking, go surfing, rock climb, roller skate, play tennis, play golk, work in your garden, etc... it's ALL GOOD.

The benefits of exercise go far beyond burning X calories in Y time. A regular exercise program could not only help you become more fit, it will help you decrease your risk for diabetes, osteoporosis and maybe even cancer. It can boost your immune system and decrease depression.

So, don't look at exercise as something you have to do, look at it as something you WANT to do.

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5/25/13 10:34 P

I tell myself than I'll just work out for 20 minutes and stop if I'm not feeling up to it after 20 minutes. Usually, after 20 minutes of exercise I feel so much better, I am ready to go on longer. I also get motivated watching the progress I've made so far- Seeing how much longer I can go on the elliptical machine, etc.

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5/25/13 10:07 P

If I depended on my motivation to exercise and chose to wait until it kicked in, I would never leave the couch. I have included correct nutrition and physical fitness into my lifestyle, sometimes I have to "just do it" to get started but am always glad I did it when I finish emoticon emoticon emoticon

5/25/13 8:48 P

You have to find it within yourself to get motivated. Nobody here can make your motivation happen. Nobody here can "lose the weight for you" as I recently saw someone say here on the boards.

Your journey has to be traveled using your strength. Find that inside of you. Then power through it. You can do this.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,456
5/25/13 7:43 P

Before offering suggestions, perhaps it might be worth thinking about what you think the blocks to exercising might be?

Are you unsure of the benefits? Are you intimidated by the thought of exercising, and may not be able to 'keep up'? Are you uncertain about all the different options out there and don't know what to do? Are you having trouble fitting the time into the day? Are you self-conscious and afraid of exercising in public?

Ultimately, motivation has to come from within and is not something anyone else can provide for you, but if you can narrow things down a bit as to where you think the problem lies, we may be able to offer some suggestions as to overcoming those problems.


KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,182
5/25/13 7:36 P

I find walking with a friend is my exercise of choice. other stuff is so BORING to me :) but everybody has to find what works for them.

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5/25/13 6:23 P

Find exercise that you enjoy doing. You can try different things like Zumba, tennis, biking, hiking, swimming, etc. Here's a good article about it.

ANGELSUEWILEY SparkPoints: (1,206)
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5/25/13 6:12 P

I find it very had to get Motivated to Exercise emoticon . What do I do emoticon
emoticon Angel

Thank you for your help. emoticon emoticon

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