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1/8/13 9:25 P

Yes, yes it is

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1/8/13 10:14 A

Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement. I am still here after a few days, so that is a good beginning. =]

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1/6/13 8:26 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!

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1/6/13 3:45 P


PLATINUM755 Posts: 43,773
1/6/13 1:21 P

emoticon SHARNOZ and emoticon back to SparkPeople...Nice to have you with us on the journey to a healthier lifestyle again. emoticon

JAMBABY0 Posts: 15,384
1/6/13 12:55 P

Welcome! The problem that you are having is quite common, when we start out here we need motivation an reminders. What helped me is I got involved in active spark teams that I was interested and they had challenges that I put myself into. These motivated me and kept me accountable, you can do this, I have faith!

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1/6/13 12:33 P

Hi everyone. I joined Spark People last year, but rarely ever logged on. I am a married mom of 3 boys, 18, 16 & almost 2. I am a part time college student. I am smart and I know what I am "supposed" to do to lose weight.I have a rarely-used gym membership. My sister is a Registered Dietitian, so if I ever have a nutritional question, she guides me. However, with all of the resources I have, I am still very over weight and very tired of it. I lack motivation. My hope is that I can get into a routine of checking in here, tracking my food and finding support. I believe support has been what is missing from my weight loss efforts. The people around me (husband, kids) aren't food police and don't really know if I'm watching what I eat or not. It's not that they don't care, they just aren't involved in the meal planning or prepping, so they are not truly privy to what is happening in the kitchen. Frankly, I wouldn't be happy if they DID tell me what I could or could not eat, anyway. I just found out that I am allergic to wheat, eggs and milk. This may be a blessing in disguise, but that remains to be seen. Bottom line is that I am hoping to find support on here. Thanks for listening. =]

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