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GOING-STRONG Posts: 7,042
1/5/13 10:02 P

Hello and welcome to Spark people. You are going to love it here!! I know that the website can be overwhelming... just take it slow and one step at a time. Be sure and log on every day for a healthy dose of motivation. My suggestion to you getting started is to get to the grocery store and stock up on healthy staples and snacks. Be sure and eat 3 meals a day and a couple of snacks. On a scale of 1-10 never let yourself get hungrier than a 6. Eat plenty of protein, fruits and veggies. I also like to have a dessert after lunch and dinner and have a serving of diet jello with fat free whipped cream or warmed applesauce and berries. This makes me feel like I'm living large! Good luck to you on your quest for health and fitness. You CAN do it!

LYNNWILK2 Posts: 2,608
1/5/13 6:30 P

Hi Deborah and welcome to Sparks People....
I love the motivation of jumping in feet first... but slow down so that you can find your way around Sparks so it will best work for you.
There is a "Getting Started Guide" under the Quick Links on the right sidebar of this page, that guide will give you a very thorough walk through of how to customize your sparks experience with all the tools available on this site.
That should help you find teams/boards where you will find an incredible amount of support, post an introduce yourself to teams you join and let them know what your connection to the team is, what has attracted you to the team so that the members can get to know what you are working towards and also so they can give you a huge amount of support. Set up your sparks page again once you've finished this guide, you'll be amazed at the amount you will learn.

Utilize the trackers for your exercise and food, they are incredible tools especially when you're getting started and you will find yourself using these on a daily basis without any problem in no time.
Get involved and stay involved. Sparks supports the journeys to healthy lifestyles and better choices in most every area of your life.
Good luck and now jump in to ring feet first ... with some guidance to get you started.

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1/5/13 6:18 P

My name is Deborah and I am new to Spark People. It will take me a spell to learn how to manuver around the web site but I am ready to jump in feet first.

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