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10/13/12 10:39 A


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10/13/12 8:27 A

My day just started, but I know it's going to be a great one. It is cold and sunny; beautiful fall weather. I am going to walk with my dog in a little while, then probably walk him again this evening. He is an older dog and can only walk about a mile until he gets tired. If he rests, then he can easily do another mile later in the day. I'm also going grocery shopping with my husband (we actually like grocery shopping---we are strange) and then cooking some big batch meals so that eating good meals is easier during the hectic work week.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
10/13/12 7:37 A

Any workout is a good one - inside or out.

It's getting much cooler here.
Yesterday was very windy.

Every morning, around 0615 - regardless of weather - I'm out walking the dog.
Some days it's a fairly short walk (say, 12 - 15 minutes); other times she wants a good, long one.

Yesterday noon she really wanted a long one, and, since I had taken the day off work; I indulged her. It was still very windy - but I was thankful we did it then, because later in the day; it poured.

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10/13/12 5:52 A

hello, a workout inside is great.

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10/13/12 2:24 A

Online Now  • ))
Hello yourself. My day went pretty well. I walked inside, on the treadmill. Fun day all around.

LESELLERY Posts: 125
10/13/12 12:02 A

That's pleased to hear that you a great day.

KACEYSW Posts: 5,625
10/12/12 10:19 P

I had a pretty good day. Went in to work ahd helped some kids get ready for the end of the first term and get materials ready for next week.

LESELLERY Posts: 125
10/12/12 7:29 P

Hello Spark Friends, how has your day been? Mine has been ok. I can't go for a walk today because it is wet and windy here in Wanganui NZ. Yesterday I went to a friends place to help her out.

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