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3/2/14 10:40 P

Good evening from central CA! I have just been diagnosed with an autoimmune kidney disease. Although my kidney function is slowly improving, I have been told to eat a low salt, low fat diet. Other than that, I don't have to follow a renal diet and don't have to watch my potassium, phosphorus, etc levels yet. My MD just said no sausage, bacon, cheese or prosciutto right now. I'm using the SparkPeople website and phone app to track sodium and fat.

I'm also looking for recipes. It seems to me that if I cut salt, sometimes there is extra fat or vice versa. Not exercising too much right now due to a foot injury, but I need to as soon as I can.

I'm 54 and work full time so I'm always looking for quick recipes. I am preparing myself for the worst case scenario with my health, but determined to do everything I can to slow any progression down. Reading everything I possibly can to educate myself on my disease.

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5/11/13 6:27 P

I haven't posted here for awhile. It has been hard to be consistent on the computer. But I have still been working out and TRYING different recipes and foods. I am confused enough that I am going to my kidney doctor on Monday (5/13/13) to ask a million questions about diet. I downloaded a really helpful app for my Galaxy SIII called KIDNEY DIET. It looks very interesting.

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3/3/13 10:57 A


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3/3/13 7:00 A

Welcome to SP and may your journey be filled with many successes and a few failures.

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3/2/13 6:03 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!

PINKHOPE Posts: 25,770
3/2/13 11:01 A

Welcome to Sparkpeople!

I want to congratulate you on making this journey. I began my own journey a few years ago and though my pace has been slow I have lost 100 pounds! (Pictures on my blog linked below). You can have success too!

I have struggled through kidney failure three times and understand how serious it is! Careful attention to your nutrition can help some! There are a few teams on SP specifically for those with kidney issues.

This is a great place to get healthy! There are so many tools, resources, and encouraging people to help you on your journey to "Health & Fitness". Be sure to poke around the site and try the nutrition and fitness trackers, Spark Recipes, Daily Spark, health articles, and secrets.

Joining a team will help you meet like-minded people that share similar life situations or goals. Be sure to read member blogs as there is a wealth of information there. You can start with one of mine:

If you have further questions or just want to chat, stop by my Sparkpage or send me a Sparkmail. Just click on the button under my profile picture on the left.

Press On!

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3/1/13 1:33 P

Hello! I too am in Stage 3 CKD. Try They have a lot of info and recipes as well.
I would love to keep in contact with you. I was just diagnosed last July and know very little about the disease. Maybe we can help each other..
Have a great weekend!


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3/1/13 12:38 P

Good morning from Idaho! I have Stage 3 Chronic Kidney disease, am 65 years old and must watch protein, phosphorus and potassium intake. Also I need to keep sodium levels very low and can't use salt substitutes since they contain potassium.
Are there others out there with this issue and do you know where to get recipes that are for those of us with these limits?
I use the National Kidney Foundation site and the site, but I feel it would be nice to have MENUS for those of us who are extremely busy.
I do have a personal trainer so I do work out. This has been great.
I'd like to hear from others!

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