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4/15/13 9:16 A

Welcome back to SP. I wish you the very best in your quest for a healthier you.

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4/15/13 1:19 A

There are so many ways to learn new ways to take care of your medical and emotional problems here at sparkpeople.
Try finding teams for celiac and emotional well being..
Join treads that talk about your interests.
And get to know others who are supporting you...

4/14/13 11:51 P

I am back. I joined once before but I didn't have what it took to stay.
Now I am hoping I do. I have health issues. Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Osteoarthritis, and a few other things that I need to get healthy for. I need to try and cut down on the meds I take.
I'll need a lot of help and encouragement and in exchange I will try to help and encourage others. So, if you need a hand or someone to talk to, I am available. And if you notice I am down, could you give me a hand?
I am hoping this is the last time I join. I have lots of reasons to get healthy. My husband, my sons, my grandchildren, my Mom, but I am hoping that this time, my biggest reason will be for myself.
Thank you all for listening.

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