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8/19/13 8:37 A

Ditto. I was preoccupied with what my heart rate should be when I first started losing weight. Eventually I pretty much ignored it and just decided to push ahead and work out until it FEELS like I worked out.

8/18/13 11:56 P

While the fat burning zone does exist in a laboratory setting it is misleading and mythological when it comes to weight loss and fitness. Ignore it, it means nothing as far as your journey is concerning, it is an inapplicable laboratory finding of no merit

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8/18/13 10:41 P

Don't worry about those zones. What matters isn't what zone you're working in, but how many calories you burn overall. Ignore your HRM's nagging, and here's articles that explain why:

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8/18/13 10:00 P

The fat burning zone is actually very misleading. While it is true that proportionately more energy will come from fat during lower intensity workouts, lower intensity workouts don't burn all that much.

So while a "fat burning zone" workout might burn 300 calories per hour, with 60% coming from fat (= 180 fat calories), a more intense workout might burn 600 calories in an hour, with only 40% coming from fat, but more total calories means that this 40% still burns 240 fat calories.

But the real truth is that where energy is coming from during your workout is irrelevant to fat loss. Your body has several different energy systems, and will balance between them to meet your energy needs throughout the day.

What matters for fat loss is the overall balance between calories burned and consumed over the ENTIRE 24 HOUR DAY. If you run an overall calorie deficit, then the body is going to have to tap its fat stores to make up the gap at some stage during the day, regardless of where energy is coming from during your workout.

From this perspective, if fat loss is your goal, you are better off working out more intensely and burning more total calories.


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8/18/13 9:31 P

Hi, I am having issues trying to figure out my optimum fat burning zone. I 've looked online etc but can't get a definitive answer. I'm trying to burn fat right now as opposed to getting fit. I am a 39 female and I have set the upper limit of my zone on my HR monitor to 150. But anytime I go over 112 it says Im out of the fat burning zone and in the fitness zone.

My question is: what is the range I should be aiming for optimal fat burning? Is it better to keep a low heart rate ie max 140 and go for longer periods of exercise, like 60 minutes?


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