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5/22/11 10:52 P

Yes, Thank you very much!

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Outside a laboratory setting all calorie calculators are just estimates, including heart rate monitors. The more one weighs the more calories he/she will expend. Heart rate monitors are designed for cardio activity using the data (weight, height, gender, age, max heart rate, etc) in an algorithm to determine calories burned.

HRMs are not designed to wear for every day activity.

I hope this helps!

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5/22/11 10:24 P

Hi everyone.
Okay, question 1- how accurate would you say the sparkpeople calorie calculator on the fitness tracker is? I used it and webmd's calculator the other day and they were within 20-30 calories of each other.

But the reason I ask is because I played tennis for 1 hr and 26 minutes today and the sp calc says I burned 1600 and some calories. It must be taking my weight (372) into account right, because larger people burn more calories than smaller people?

Question 2 - on another thread someone mentioned heart rate those tell you how many calories you are burning while doing an activity or do they strictly measure heart rate for cardio?

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