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Unfortunately, an HRM is the best way to calculate calories, but you do need to get one that does that. It was very nice of them to buy you one, but it doesn't do what you need. Is it returnable?

When buying one, you need to know what you want it for, and whether that model does that task. Some are literally "heart rate" monitors - they just tell you the heart rate. That's fine if you already know what you need to aim for for your training, but useless if you want to know how many calories you burned.

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Unfortunately I am not aware of a formula that will determine your values. Remember calories expended are based on more factors than one's heart rate. It's based on the amount of oxygen one consumes in response to large muscle activation which in turn elevates one's heart rate which increases your metabolism

I hope this helps!

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I've been reading a lot lately that using a heart rate monitor is the best way to accurately calculate the number of calories burned during exercise. My parents recently bought one for me, but it doesn't have a feature that calculates calories burned. At the end of a workout, I can figure out time spend in my target zone and time spent below and above. Is there a way for me to calculate calories based on that?

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