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I often get about 300 calories for a vigorous hour from my heart rate monitor. When I was a little younger (a couple birthdays ago) and heavier I would get higher estimates. It will be relative for your stats, fitness level and heart rate response.

You might see a couple things happening--you weight different (if less you will have a lower burn estimate) and you may have improved your fitness (indicated by your lower average heart rate). Chances are you might not have the same burn estimate for the exact same gym cardio classes either. I am not sure improved aerobic fitness really decreases calorie burn, but it does as far as how heart rate monitors estimate unless your's has a setting you can set that indicates fitness level or VO2Max (some have a built in test to estimate). Even then it may since you will need to work harder to get and keep your heart rate elevated--improved fitness can mean faster recovery time so your heart rate might be getting lower during rests/recovery intervals and this would bring down your "average heart rate". This is a good sign that you are fitter than you were. If you perceive insanity is harder than your class, it probably is. You would probably find the class easier now and would have found insanity too hard back then. But I would be excited if my hrm told me I burned 295 calories in 38 minutes!

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The totals are not based on a full hour (though the gym cardio classes were also only ~45-50 min depending on instructor, and I was still getting in the 500's); today I got a bit over 295 in 38 and a few days ago I got 339 in 40.
I'll let you know the average BPM once I get home in a few hours. The only thing I changed between then and now on the HRM is my weight setting.

EDIT: average BPM's during insanity are ~145, the ones back then were in the 150's

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300 calories in one hour sounds pretty low.

How do your average heart rate readings (in BPM) compare?


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Hi all,
When I first got the HRM, I was going to the gym, and a good cardio class would give me ~500+ calories burned when I weighed about 67kg or so.
Now I'm back at school and (for now at least) have no gym access, so I'm back to doing Insanity againg at 73kg today (up from lowest weight of 64 or so around mid Feb), and I just finished day 5. My HRM readings though are only ~300 mark, which to me sounds really odd.

I always thought Insanity was at LEAST as intense as an hour of zumba/cycling (maybe not this one)/other cardio class... a normal yoga class got me well over the 200 mark!

Any input as to why this is would be most welcome.
Thanks, Elssha ^_^

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