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8/21/14 11:11 A

She has been 98 pounds from age 21 to 42. We have been working out and she has put on some muscle. I just think that she always was 98 so in her mind this is the weight she thinks is good for her. But I got to say, the thicker legs and rounder rear, only make her look hotter. emoticon

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8/21/14 8:54 A

She needs to ignore the scale. Is she healthy? Is she in shape? If she has muscle, she might weigh in the high range of the weight charts.

EXNOLA Posts: 320
8/21/14 8:51 A

Her "perfect weight" if likely the weight she feels most comfortable. I have been over 25 BMI and getting in just below that is not a comfortable weight for me. It makes zero difference to me if I am at 24.9 and "healthy" or 26 and "overweight"- I still won't like the way I look since, on me, 24.9 BMI means I have a quite high body fat percentage unless I manage to gain at least 20 pounds of muscle which doesn't seem likely. Maybe that number is the weight she felt most comfortable with how she looked in the past.

RUBYREDSTAR19 Posts: 7,247
8/21/14 7:16 A

Society is pushing us to be thin. The clothes are made to look good on small women. The media bashes the stars when they put on a few pounds, they aren't considered "beautiful" anymore, even though their faces haven't changed. 98lbs is sick, seriously anorexic sick. There is nothing healthy about being that thin, even though she is short. She will have SOOO many problems health wise if she gets down to that weight. The BMI chart is not ideal and actually makes a lot of women have body weight issues because it's the "ideal" weight. They really need to change it.

MARTHA324 Posts: 6,223
8/20/14 8:56 P

Women are told every day and every minute by the media that thinner is better. Most models are practically anorexic and "plus size" models are probably a size 12!!! Hard for us to accept a healthy weight.

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8/20/14 4:40 P

People get fixated on things and decided that that one thing is what determines their worth as a person. Is it healthy? Not remotely. Is it common? Extremely

I'm firmly a believer in the idea that there is no "perfect weight" because weight does not take into account body composition. I've been at my current weight before (155) but then I couldn't squat my body weight, do 20 push ups, and my waist and hips were 5" larger. Back then I thought 140 was my "perfect weight." In reality, at 140 I would look like a refugee. At 155 (v2) I have definition in my arms, abs, and legs and I have always beaten the guy at the carnival who tries to guess your weight (they consistently guess low).

Unfortunately, this is a mindset that will not disappear overnight. Support your girlfriend as best you can in developing a body positive image and I hope for the best for both of you.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
8/20/14 3:57 P

Did someone tell your girlfriend that 98 is her perfect weight? Because I looked at a BMI chart and 106 gives her a BMI of 20.7, which seems perfect to me.

Some women seem to become obsessed with weighing less than 100 lbs. This always, always sends up red flags with me...

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8/20/14 3:44 P

My girlfriend is 5 feet tall and weigh's in at 106. She wants to get down to 98 pounds which is her "perfect weight". I just don't understand this obsession on one number. I am happy anytime my BMI is 24.9 or below. And most of my adult life I have been overweight. Why would someone be so stuck on one number?

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