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7/17/13 1:54 P

This week I used flat-bread and cut up a lot of items: onions, tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes. I put out feta cheese and shredded mozzarella as well as a little can of sardines for those who love them. I brushed one side of the bread with olive oil and from there everyone build their own pizza. I grilled them but could also have baked them. Yummy! For meat lovers you could put out salami or cooked sausage.

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
7/17/13 10:43 A

No meat ideas-
lentil soup
vegetarian manicotti or lasagne
pizza with cheese and veggies
Greek potatoes
bean burritoes
veggie burgers

Low meat-
I have made this and left out the cream cheese and it was very tasty. If you don't want the chicken leave it out or just eat the other part while your family has the chicken.
pasta with meatballs- don't eat the meatballs
red beans and rice
stir fry
top your own individual pizzas- great for grilling
stuffed baked potatoes

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7/17/13 9:09 A

Do you like beans or tofu? Things like tacos, fajitas and stir-fry all have a lot of vegetables and can have different protein items added. You can cook the protein separately so you can go vegetarian or have seafood and the rest of the family can have meat.

HFITZ1 Posts: 68
7/16/13 12:18 P

I've been eating something different from everyone else most nights. But I'd like to make one meal and be done. Especially when I start work again in two weeks! There are six of us and I don't like much meat ( I do enjoy seafood) but everyone else eats all kinds of meat. I'm looking for recipe ideas that are low on meat or that I can eat without the meat and still feel full. They also have to make enough food for all of us. What do you suggest?

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