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1/29/13 5:01 P

My 6 year old sometimes likes to have apple slices and dip it in some natural peanut butter. For school to keep them fresher, I slice then use my foodsaver vacuum sealer. sometimes a little carmel apple dip if the class at school has a peanut allergy. My sister in law made a different dip that I changed to use equal parts plain greek yogurt and the carmel dip (needs to be room temp before mixing)
We freeze the go-gurts and they are thawed by lunch time.
I like to add a little scoop of canned PURE pumpkin to my kids' pancake batter.
I also like to make banana bread, zucchini bread, blueberry muffins (you can chop them smaller before you bake them), pumpkin or carrot muffins. Just to get some type of veggie in my oldest.
Oh another is a tortilla spread with a little natural peanut butter and sprinkle some raisins on it, and roll it up.
Applesauce cups

A great summer time snack is the fruit chiller tubes. All fruit puree in the same pouch like as the go-gurts. kind of like a popsicle.


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1/29/13 11:43 A

Thanks for the suggestion!!! I will try that. My daughter does like bread but if I could only get her to eat anything else on it besides PB&J I'd be golden! :)

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1/28/13 12:32 P

My son doesn't like sandwiches for lunch, so instead I make him a wrap. He calls it a "tube" because I just take a whole wheat tortilla, lunch meat (freshly sliced, not processed) and a bit of shredded cheese and roll it up. He likes hummus or mustard on it, too.

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1/28/13 7:53 A

She's going to be 3 in May. She loves pancakes so I usually give her one for breakfast and some strawberries or I'll give her a yogurt. I usually do the 100 cal's of popcorn bags. She likes them plain which is good. She LOVES paremesan cheese though so I'll try that. Thank you!!!!!

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1/28/13 12:20 A

Veggie sticks and melon formed into animals on her plate? Berries are good for that too. Some of the kids I've met really want to be able to play with their food!
Air popped popcorn with non-butter flavor, such as parmesan cheese or Mrs Dash, for a snack?
Is she eating a good breakfast?

How old is she?

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1/26/13 2:00 P

Hi, yes all the pasta is whole grain or whole wheat so she's eating that thank God. I haven't tried making anything from scratch though. She does like pizza but she usually eats the top off & leaves the bottom LOL.

That's a good idea with the peanut butter! Thank you! I will try that. She does love strawberries so that's definately an option.

Thank you for the links!! I'll check them out!

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1/26/13 1:58 P

Hi and thank you! Yes, I always give her whole wheat bread. I've tried everything below you've suggested except making my own chicken nuggets. Actually I may try doing chicken strips instead because she likes them better. She does get cheese & whole wheat crackers s a snack.

I haven't tried turkey yet though... I may have but it was a while ago. Ideally my goal would for her to eat what we eat for dinner but I've tried giving her what we eat & she says she doesn't like it.... I feel like I'm at a loss.

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1/26/13 10:41 A

Do you use whole grain bread or whole grain pasta? Are you making pizza, chicken nuggets or mac & cheese from scratch or is a pre-made item?
The limited menu isn't exactly unhealthy if you tweak it. I would start with getting your dd to eat whole grain versions of bread or pasta and healthier homemade versions of her favorites.
You could try a sandwich with peanut butter and slices of fresh fruit like strawberries or banana instead of jelly.
I would skip hot dogs except for very rare occasions.

Would your dd eat chunks of cooked chicken or turkey instead of a breaded nugget?

I would just keep offering new things at home. My dd was wary of new foods but accepted a shift to whole grains pretty easily.

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1/25/13 5:01 P

Can you take what she is already eating, and make it a little healthier? For example, for PBJ, use whole wheat bread (or the healthiest kind she will eat), all natural peanut butter, and jam sweetened only with fruit juice. You can find recipes for make your own chicken nuggets - basically take chicken and bake it with your own bread crumbs. Skip the fries - try to make oven baked fries - cut up real potatoes, coat with a little bit of olive oil and seasonings and bake them. You can try doing this with sweet potatoes too. When I make pasta, I use whole wheat pasta. Alot of them don't taste that much different, especially if you put spaghetti sauce on them. You can slowly make changes to get her used to it.

You just have to experiment with what she will eat. Will she eat a turkey sandwich (or slices of turkey rolled up in cheese), or a hard boiled egg? How about cheese and whole wheat crackers? Give her whatever fruits and vegetables she does like - I don't force my son to eat veggies he doesn't like, but I make sure to give him enough veggies he does like.

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1/25/13 1:32 P

Hi all! I was wondering if some of you could give me some lunch ideas for a 3 year old. My daughter is on rotation with these 4 or 5 different lunches and I feel like she's not getting the nutrition she needs. I've tried countless times to introduce her to different things but it always comes to the same thing:

1- Peanut butter & jelly
2- chicken nuggets/strips & french fries
3- pasta w/ sauce (spaghetti & meatballs and/or butter/parmesan cheese) or the pasta sides meals
4- Mac & Cheese
5- Hot dogs
6- Pizza

She does eat some veggies and fruits but not all. I basically need some ideas for her lunches/dinners. For lunch I have to pack hers for school so something that's easy & healthy would be great!

Thanks so much!

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