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1/26/14 12:16 A

thanks to everyone who responded to my post. you gave me some great ideas and suggestions and I sooo appreciate it.

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1/17/14 11:08 P

I personally prefer structure whenever possible: 300 calorie breakfast, 3x 200 calorie snacks, a 500 calorie dinner, 200 cal bedtime snack. Calorie levels vary for each person

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1/16/14 2:29 P

If you can afford one, get a plug-in rice cooker. You can make brown rice, quinoa and other healthy grains with it. You can also add dry lentils or canned beans. Cut up carrots, onions and other veggies to cook along with them. Canned veggie stock makes it better than just water. You can put all this in a wrap to take along with you, add some feta or fresh lettuce, tomato etc. You can experiment with a lot of stuff in a rice cooker and it makes the perfect amount for one dinner and leftovers for one lunch, and it cooks fast.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/16/14 11:08 A

Get yourself a small cooler, and an ice pack, and it will be enough to keep some foods cool, like a yogurt, or fruit. Throw in some fiber bars, and a sandwich, and you should be able to make it through the day. Most campuses I have been to have places where you can sit on a bench, or the grass, and have a short personal picnic in between those classes, even if you just have 30 minutes or so to the next class. Some professors even let people eat in class, as long as it isn't messy, or loud. Fiber bars are good in those instances.

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1/16/14 10:13 A

I'm a current college students and here are some of my favourite portable snacks for long days.

Hummus & Crackers
Cliff Bars
Mojo Trail Mix Bars
A piece of fruit

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
1/16/14 9:48 A

You will find some great articles about healthy living while in college in our lifestyle center --

Here are some articles that might help with ideas.

Portable Snacking Tips and Ideas
Remember the 'Healthy' with the 'To-Go'

30 Days of Healthy Snacks
Make Better Choices, One Day at a Time

55 Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories
Spice Up Your Snacktime with These Ideas

Coach Tanya

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1/16/14 8:03 A

Protein, fat, and veggies are your most filling choices. Turkey rollups, string cheese, nuts/seeds, cut up veggies, chicken pieces, turkey jerky, tuna/salmon packets, salads, green smoothies, yogurt (wrap in foil to keep cold) Unlimited possibilities right there.

I've heard many people say protein bars (or any bars) give them cravings later on.

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1/16/14 7:48 A

Here are some "meals on the go" that I like.

-Hummus wraps. Veggies and pre-cooked chicken with hummus in a wrap. What can be easier? If you don't want the chicken, replace with cooked white beans. The hummus makes it more filling, so you don't go hungry.

-Salad in a jar. I do this with my tupperware, but you can also use mason jars. Put your dressing on the bottom, then layer the hard veggies, like carrots, that don't get soggy. Then romaine, spinach or whatever else you like. Leave some room at the top to shake it when you're ready to eat. Add some avocado slices and cheese to make it more filling.

-Gazpacho soup.This is meant to be cold, so works better in warm weather.

- Hot soup. If you get a really good thermos (Gevalia makes awesome ones) you can keep your soup hot for eight hours or more. I take mine in at 7am and at 3pm is still steaming hot. Literally steaming.

- Take snacks as well. It's a tall order for a lunch to keep you full for a ten hour span. Apples with nut butter, veggies with hummus. you can use a similar jar for your veggies. Put dip on the bottom of a jar, then place your cut veggies standing up in the dip where you can grab them from the top of the jar. They already have the dip on them then. Works great with celery and carrots that don't get soggy.

- Oatmeal squares. You can find recipes on for this. You can bake your oatmeal into squares that you can take with you. Who says you can't have breakfast for lunch?

I hope that gives you some ideas. Be sure to pack a full meal, not just a sandwich or wrap. Make it a wrap and a salad with a snack for later.


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1/15/14 11:40 P

I just started attending college. On one of my days I have 4 classes that span from 10:50am until 8:40pm. I don't want to spend money in the school's cafe. There is no microwave for students to use either. So I need some suggestions on foods I can take with me to eat during the day to not only eat healthier but also feel satisfied. I don't want my caloric intake to drop. I've taken things like turkey sandwich, protein bars, and fruit cups, but still feel hungry and end up buying something at the cafe.

Help! emoticon


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