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2/3/12 3:50 P

Try my Black bean & cauliflower burrito - it is packed with protein and is super easy to make ahead of time and is yummy! I got lots of compliments at the latest Team San Diego Spark Rally:
I hope you like it...

CDANDERS05 Posts: 356
2/2/12 5:31 P

You should check out the world's best and easiest salmon. I've never made salmon before and it is way easy and yummy! Even my kitchen not so savvy boyfriend was able to do it while I was working

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2/2/12 3:27 P

Oh, if you have access to a microwave that opens up lots of doors to you.

I love to heat up rinsed black beans tossed with shredded chicken in a microwave at work, then pile on a salad, top with salsa and little shredded cheese. YUM. Or quickly steam some veggies and then toss with steak and ginger sauce. You can also make quesidillas and quickly heat in the microwave to have next to soup or a salad.

I used to make extra servings of dinner to take for lunch the next day...and then the children would argue whether that should be my lunch or theirs!

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
2/2/12 12:45 P

I bring a boiled egg and string cheese every AM for breakfast, then greek yogurt and fruit for lunch. Edamame is also great! you can eat them cold or warm, they are a bean, so maybe you can`t eat them either. Lean turkey or tuna for sandwiches is good. I have learned that the boiled egg and string cheese in AM keeps me from feeling starved before lunch, that is a 140 calorie breakfast.

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1/31/12 12:49 P

They make no drain tuna and salmon cups that are nice to add to salad or sandwich
Veggie burgers
Stir frys heat up good if you want to take a chicken stir fry from the night before
Snacks such as string cheese,cottage cheese,greek yogurt,hummus with veggies or crackers

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1/31/12 10:11 A

Thanks for the ideas. I do have access to a microwave at work. It is hard to get the good protein snacks when you can't eat seeds or nuts. Thaks for the ideas.

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1/26/12 3:32 P

You don't say if you have access to a microwave or kitchen during lunch - which would be helpful.

A few things that are high protein that I pack are listed below.

Thermos: chili, chicken and bean soup, italian wedding soup, hawaiian meatballs, ginger pork, beef with broccoli, shrimp with mushrooms.

Salads: chicken spinach salad, chilled grilled steak salad with blue cheese, pork tenderloin & bean salad.

Wraps (in lettuce or veggie wraps): Grilled chicken wraps with sprouts & spinach, turkey breast & cranberry wraps, thai beef salad wrap, etc.

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1/26/12 11:45 A

I am looking for recipes that are good to take to work for lunches. I am looking for high protein. I can not eat nuts or seeds. I have tried tofu in may ways and I really can not stand it. Any ideas or recipes would be great. Thank you
I do have a microwave to use at work.

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