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I think that you would really benefit from speaking with your doctor and working with a nutritionist. These professionals shoyuld be able to help with determining what's up and help with reducing bloat.

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4/11/14 6:14 A

I agree that your best bet is to discuss these symptoms with your doctor. Some of what you're describing sounds a lot like irritable bowel syndrome:

But again, you should discuss this with your doctor so that they can figure out what's going on and how to fix the problem.

Coach Jen

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4/11/14 5:58 A

talk to your doctor. your doc can help you evaluate where you are, both with weight and diet.
bodyfat is the golden standard for your shape and size and that's going to determine if you actually have any weight to lose. depending on how you're working out, gaining ten pounds from workouts [ie building muscle] isn't uncommon when you're at a healthy weight to start. it doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. it just means that at that level of eating and exercise you're maintaining more muscle, which happens to translate to a higher number on the scale.
your doctor is also going to be a more impartial judge of if you have any weight to lose.
as far as diet goes, if you're not eating enough fat and water for the fiber that you're getting, that fiber can have a very uncomfortable journey through your digestive tract. there are certain medical issues [including sensitivities to certain foods] which can enhance bloat and discomfort, so ruling those out or treating them is going to help. as far as constipation goes, it's entirely within normal ranges to go only 2-3 times a week. if you're eating all the bits that are really good for you your body uses up more of the food and therefore takes longer to build up enough waste to go. if you're also eating very low calories it can take more time for enough waste to build up to go. sorry for this example but when my grandfather gets sick, he always complains of constipation. the problem is that when he gets sick, he eats about two bowls of soup a day. the problem is not that he's constipated it's that he's not eating enough food to go like he normally does. if your constipation is more composition and difficulty, then again, up your water and fat. your intestines are tight and twisty little things and fiber needs to be wet and somewhat lubricated to make it though and water and fat do that.
beyond that some people do have more of an issue with cruciferous veggies. you can take beano before, you can reduce or eliminate these foods or you can try cooking them in ways that partially breaks them down so they're not breaking down and producing gas in your stomach, or at least not as much.
but again, start with your doctor.

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Hello everyone,
I hope this doesn't sound too crazy to you all but i swear that "healthy" foods make me sick... Years of eating a restricted calorie diet and all the classic healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, high fiber breads/wraps, low calorie etc. dairy, pre packaged meals etc.. has made me ill. I couldn't eat yogurt for the longest time because i ate greek yogurt every day at work for a year. Has anyone also notice that a macrobiotic diet has destroyed their digestive systems? i want to lose 10lbs though i am at a healthy bmi, so i don't know what to eat when i already eat the healthy foods. how do i "trim the fat" so to speak? yogurt, high fiber foods, broccoli, roughage, all of it makes me so bloated, and causes incredible constipation and pain. I am fearful to eat more processed foods because of my fear of weight gain. even though constant exercise and a typical "healthy" diet has resulted in 10lb gain in 4 mos.. i've even started running again and doing more cardio, and gaining more.. does anyone have advice? your expertise and personal experiences are greatly appreciated! i'm desperate for help and answers.

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