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SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
1/4/12 9:18 P

My quick favorites are :

one pound boneless skinless chicken
1 jar your favorite pasta sauce
1 green pepper chopped
1 small onion chopped
3 cloves garlic chopped

place chicken on bottom of crockpot
add veggies and top with sauce
Cook on low 6 hours
Shred the chicken and eat with pasta

1 3 pound pork roast
1 bottle Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce
3 heaping tablespoons yellow mustard

place roast in crockpot
mix sauce and mustard and pour over roast
cook low 6 hours

shred and eat on whole wheat rolls or serve with sweet potatoes


1 3 pound beef roast or pot roast or bottom roast
3 celery ribs chopped
1 onion chopped
3 white potatoes cut in 4ths
4 carrots cut into thick coins
1 small jar mushrooms not drained
2 jars fat free beef gravy
1 envelope onion soup mix

put roast on bottom of crockpot
add veggies around it and the can of mushrooms
combine gravy and dry onion soup mix and pour over all
cook on low 6 hours


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1/4/12 8:56 A

Hi everyone!

I love my slow cooker I use it almost once a week .. I am practicing low carb life style so my meals are usually geared toward that

My stand by is a roast - cheapest beef cut you can find seasoned with garlic, black pepper, little paprika and salt (or whatever you like) (some people like to brown the meat on the stove top before putting in the crock pot)

Cut up red and green peppers, carrot, onions, and I add one can of stewed tomatoes

Add veggies at bottom - season with a tiny bit of salt and pepper

Add meat on top

One small can of tomato paste add to crock pot with half cup water mix the water and paste around a bit some it is not clumpy

Cook on low for approx 8 hours till its falling apart

Another one I really enjoy (not as low carb as I would like)- pork loin boneless
Mix brown sugar 1/2 cup, 2 tablespoons of mustard, 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar make a paste and put on the pork loin and the loin to the crock pot and cook on low for nine or eight hours the pork will shred - ps it gets better the second day as left overs

Country ribs - add to crock pot with your fave bbq sauce cook on low eight hours

Chicken breast - (this is a popular sparks recipe) with one jar of great salsa cook on low approx five hours until the breast shred

ps if i want longer cook time or didnt have time to defrost the meats i put them in frozen and it just takes longer to cook i also add less licquid due to the defrosting

instead of adding water you can always add stock or broth to season the meal more

good luck

JUSTJUDEATTUDE SparkPoints: (87,980)
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1/3/12 9:24 P

I just got a new crock and am looking for some great low-carb crock pot dishes. Any suggestions. Thanks. Jude

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1/3/12 6:52 P

that sounds good, I'll try that!

ERICAJOY79 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/3/12 5:51 P

I would use mine everyday if I could! It's great for soups, I have a chicken corn chowder in mine for tonight. you can roast a whole chicken in it, just make some foil balls and place in the bottom season the chicken how you wish and put the lid on, I usually put mine on low for most of the day, sometimes I will use that chicken and shred it up to use as taco meat or any other recipe that calls for shredded chicken.

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1/3/12 3:49 P

I have fallen in love with the crock pot and my parents got me a new one for CHristmas. Do you have any ideas or recipes? Even if it's a recipe you love(unhealthy) that I can change to make healthier;)

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