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9/22/11 4:35 P

Ok here goes, I know I'm gonna sound super picky and difficult but I sweat I don't do it on purpose. I have a strange gag reflex and if most of these get close enough for me to smell them I gag. Not sure why just can't help it.

Can't/Won't eat - tomatos, mushrooms, seafood(excluding tuna), peanut butter, grapefruit, hotdogs, bologna, beets (this isn't including the kids dislikes! lol)

And the "ingredients" I can never find are too numerous to mention

I love making my own recipes and experimenting but when trying something new I like to do it "right" at least the first time.

Thanks for all the feedback

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9/22/11 1:23 P

Which items are you having a tough time finding? Maybe we can help you figure out substitutions for them.

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9/22/11 9:31 A

Healthy convenience food seems like a difficult-to-find item, but I haven't seen a grocery store yet that doesn't offer vegetables three ways. (Fresh, Frozen, Canned.) Same with the three standard meats, though here it's rare to find good beef for cheap.

I'm a little curious about what recipes you are using, and what foods you won't eat.

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9/22/11 8:46 A

I, personally, don't use recipes. I kind of make up my own. In your situation it's difficult. You can modify your favorite recipes to make them lighter and healthier. You can also go with what you have access to in the stores. My favorite is broccoli with chicken and peppers. I make it a lot. If you have a big freezer, like my Mom, you can stock up on preferred veggies and chicken to make things a bit easier. My Mom lives in a rural community too and she stocks up on the things they like, especially frozen vegetables and fruit.

You don't hve to be tied to written recipes. It's all about being creative. Good luck.

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9/21/11 4:20 P

Ok, so I live in a small rural community and about 80% of the ingredients for the healthy recipes I have found cannot be found without a 2 hour drive. And the ingredients that can be found in the local stores are things I either can't eat or can't stand let alone expecting my kids to eat it. Help!!

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