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AURORA629 Posts: 2,393
7/11/12 10:48 A

The healthiest choice for frying is also ridiculously expensive and not so easy to find - avocado oil. It has a smoke point of about 500 degrees and definitely of the type of oil that is good for your body. I don't use it because of the price. I use canola oil.

The healthiest method for frying is called flash frying (very hot oils for a very short amount of time). I did some tempura chicken this way recently. Basically I precooked the chicken in a healthy way with alternative cooking methods, allowed the chicken to cool in the fridge. Then I put it in tempura batter (mine was made with white whole wheat flour) and fried it for a very short amount of time (I only needed to concern myself with cooking the outer coating!). Very hot oil makes for a quick crust that blocks out too much oil absorption which is why this is the healthiest way to make something truly fried.

ZULLYH Posts: 338
7/10/12 11:11 A

Thanks to all who contributed on this post - I have always used Corn oil because my mother cooks with nothing else. But from my research and your posts below I've decided it might be best to use Canola oil when frying (even though staying away from frying is probably best).

Thanks again!

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9/4/11 10:22 A

Esselstyn Diet that Bill Clinton's. No oil and nuts!! Don't eat anything with a face. So now how do we fry??

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8/30/11 7:47 A

Thanks for this link, I will have a look (work internet access blocks any blogs automatically so it will have to wait).
I think the EU has gone a bit overboard, essentially because there were a lot of scare stories and protests about 10 years ago (with drama's depicting children of farmers dying of antibiotic resistant bugs etc.) so I don't think we've had the whole story at all. I'm sure some of the gene inserted are not good, but some, it seems to me, would be hugely beneficial.

TIMOTHYNOHE Posts: 4,317
8/29/11 8:48 P

I am not really particular about GM plants because as I see it whether it was genetically modified in a laboratory or by hybridization & selective breeding, nearly everything we eat is genetically modified.

I did do some looking around because I really do not understand what is causing all the concern. Then I found this headline from National Geographic:

Genetically Modified Canola Has Legs, Study Says

Holy cow! Legs! Really?? I mean, they can do that? And if they can, how long before they have eyes and ears and start to think and talk like people? It'll be Planet of the Rapes(eed).

Actually here is the article:

NBETTYB SparkPoints: (14,517)
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8/29/11 1:48 P

Ok, thanks, I'll try rapeseed oil then

8/29/11 12:46 P

Okay I read up a little more, and your suspicions are correct. Canola oil is not necessarily GM, but virtually every crop that is used to make it is. It's a derivation of rapeseed oil, so you could try that, but it has higher rates of certain compounds and is therefore somewhat less healthy.

NBETTYB SparkPoints: (14,517)
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8/29/11 9:08 A

Sorry, I forgot to say I live in England...I haven't seen it in any shop at all! I was wondering if it was banned by the European Union (I think they have a ban on all GM crops). If it isn't GM, then i will keep looking for it, but it isn't in any of the main supermarkets at al, which is surprising

TIMOTHYNOHE Posts: 4,317
8/28/11 6:11 P

Ok, now just the subject line sets up such a cognitive dissonance. I really cannot wrap my head around the concept of healthy deep frying.

8/28/11 2:30 P

Canola oil's super common. In any grocery store, it'll be right next to the corn oil and vegetable oil. It's made from rapeseed and sometimes another plant, I think. Whether those plants are genetically modified probably depends on the manufacturer and farmers - but canola oil's not GM as a rule.

NBETTYB SparkPoints: (14,517)
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8/28/11 7:04 A

Can anyone tell me what Canola oil is? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Is it a GM food?

BUUKWORM14 SparkPoints: (78,268)
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6/14/11 3:20 P

Olive's probably the healthiest oil but it won't work for frying- the smoke point's too low. Canola or veggie are probably the best. You can also look for something like Smart Balance Veggie Oil- it should be fryer friendly but made to have more MUSF, like olive oil.

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5/27/11 12:40 P

I've been using Wow cant believe its not butter.. Or one of the off brands.. LOL Is that not a good idea? I use it to make my omelets. I am researching to find the best option.

4/29/11 6:55 P

Peanut oil's alright healthwise, but I think not quite as good as canola or olive. The benefit of olive oil is that it complements the flavors of most fresh foods very well. However, it smokes easily so it's not good for frying. The benefit of peanut oil is that it has a high smoke point, so it's great for frying. However, it gives the food a particular flavor which I don't love much. Canola's wonderful because it's very all-purpose and pretty much flavorless.

EASH5M SparkPoints: (153,229)
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4/28/11 9:51 P

I've always heard it's best to use Canola oil.

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4/28/11 11:57 A

What about peanut oil? I don't know the difference between the oils, but I always heard that peanut oil was better.

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4/4/11 11:32 P

I don't fry often but I would recommend Wild Tree's Grape Seed Oils. They have a super high flash point temp and they are overall better for your heart and health. Also the natural grapeseed oil doesn't have any lingering after taste or taste in general.

ORIMOVUO2 Posts: 282
3/26/11 3:28 A

for frying i prefer to use canola because it doesnt affect the taste of the food. but olive oil has a strong distinct flavour

3/25/11 9:47 A

Good point, previous poster. For me, "Crisco" means butter-flavored shortening..very bad for you. But's it not the brand that's the problem, it's the type of fat. Crisco's canola oil is, I would imagine, as good as anybody's.

NIKKICOLE83 Posts: 1,893
3/24/11 3:29 P

I was wondering the same thing. I was at the store and started to read labels and noticed that they all have 120 calories per tablespoon. However, some (canola and Olive) have good fats in them. Crisco also has a new Canola Oil that has added Omega-3's in them.

GETTING_TO_GOAL Posts: 4,563
3/23/11 9:23 P

Thanks for your help, Elizabeth!

3/22/11 9:52 P

Right...I should say, the reason some oils are considered better than others is the type of fats they have. Saturated fats, generally, are worse for you. Unsaturated fats are better for you. Some types of fats, like your omega-3s are crucial for your body to function in the right way.

As a general guideline, the more solid a fat is at room temperature, the worse it is. Crisco = bad, olive oil = good.

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3/22/11 4:36 P

All fat has 9calories per gram

All oil is pure fat.

You can't get low calorie oils and fat.

3/22/11 1:12 P

I use canola oil for almost everything. It has a clear, weak flavor, so it works well as a fryer. It's fairly cheap, and one of the healthiest types of oils you can find at your local grocery store.

GETTING_TO_GOAL Posts: 4,563
3/22/11 9:30 A

Could someone please tell me what the healthiest oil would be for deep frying? I haven't used our Fry Daddy in months, but my husband is needing it for a family reunion this weekend, and I'd like for him to use the healthiest oil possible. I know most cooking oils are loaded with fat, but is there something out there that won't totally break our diet? Thanks!

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