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"Sugar" isn't so much hard to track, as not required to be labelled. Since fructose and lactose sugars are healthy for you these don't need restricting, eg the "sugar" that would be in a grapefruit is good sugar!

So since the "sugar" value would be including positive healthy foods, and not all foods need to have that labelled on the packet anyway, it actually would not tell you a single useful thing about your day to record that value.

If you feel you need to reduce sugar then reduce your own adding of it to tea/coffee, and avoid cakes, biscuits, baked goods and sugary treats.

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1/18/13 11:32 A

They do not have sugar as an option (because it's too hard to track), but you can add fiber, or whatever other nutrient you want to track, per Audrey's instructions.

To view them though, you either have to look at the little weekly grid at the bottom of the page, or run your nutrition report. They won't show up on the big tracker.

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1/18/13 11:24 A

First go to "Start" and click to edit your calorie goals. Then at the bottom you will see you can add other nutrients to track. That's where you can add fiber, sugars, vitamins, etc. Then you'll want to run a report to see the day's results. Here's how:

On the nutrition page where you track your food at the very bottom you'll see a button on your right underneath the Grocery list button.

"See Today's Full Report"

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I think they should track for fiber and sugars in the list of nutrients? emoticon

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