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1/19/12 11:14 A

What about a peanut butter sandwich on a bagel thin, with a few baby carrots, carrot sticks, or celery, and an apple?

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1/19/12 10:49 A

-carrots & hummus
-Individually packaged cheesesticks
-quinoa + just about anything (black beans, corn, cilantro, jalapeno = my go to)
-crab meat sticks + 1 tbsp of olive-oil-butter
-tuna with banana peppers, onion, tomato, mustard, garlic salt, pepper
-Lipton cup-of-soup packets (usually 45 - 60 calories, and filling and nice when its so cold out!)

(obviously, I am a snacker.... I pack lots of little stuff and eat all day long, but it never adds up to much).

GOHAWKIS1 SparkPoints: (56,928)
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1/19/12 9:15 A

DILLY SALAD--One of my favorites is a salad recipe my dad found on the label of a pineapple can about 40 years ago. At the time I was a Weight Watcher, and I ate a LOT of tuna. The ingredients are lettuce (whatever kind you prefer), pineapple chunks, tuna, mayonnaise, and dill weed. Mix the lettuce, pineapple (drained) and tuna. The dressing consists of 1 tbsp of mayonnaise mixed with pineapple juice. Pour the dressing over the salad and top with a sprinkling of dill weed.

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AMANDA_C Posts: 94
1/18/12 10:32 P

All of these ideas sound wondeful. I am a big fan of many of the smart ones & lean cuisines. But 2 day a week I don't have a fridge/freezer available to me, nor a microwave. Any ideas of what to bring that doesn't need. to be kept cool (no lunchbag/cooler) allowed, or warmed up?

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1/18/12 7:13 P

I like egg salad made with Helmans light mayo. 2 hard boilded eggs with about a half tablespoon of mayo. One slice of bread toasted. One apple sliced.

1/18/12 3:14 P

I find that the Lean Cuisines don't fill me up. l I think, for me, and for my body, they are too high in carbs and not enough protein. I make Vegetable Chili (with veggies and red beans), Beef Barley soup or tuna salad on whole wheat toast or in a wrap. An apple, a cottage cheese or a yogurt, and I'm done. Sometimes, depending on what we had for dinner the night before, I'll take a 1/2 portion of last night's dinner.

NOT_A_DIET Posts: 5
1/18/12 2:30 P

I either bring leftover dinners that I have portioned and froze, or if I dont cook I just grab a WW smart ones lunch, and have a bunch of water (they arent very filling), sometimes with a salad or fruit to fill up.

EMILYF325 Posts: 25
1/18/12 2:20 P

I usually bring a Lean Cuisine with some veggies or fruit as an extra filler. Today I made a wrap out of "Flat Out 90 Calorie wraps" hummus, turkey, alfalfa sprouts, fresh spinach and tomato - so yummy and with a half a grapefruit for desert it has kept me full longer than the lean cuisines and for less calories (about 260 vs. 300) Tomorrows wrap will be the same but with 1/3 less fat cream cheese instead of the hummus - variety is the spice of life :)

PLAYING2WIN Posts: 960
1/18/12 1:36 P

I like turkey chili and a cup of fruit.
It fills you up!

MOMWATTY SparkPoints: (18,740)
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1/18/12 1:28 P

I like to take cottage cheese with grapes or strawberries in it. Then I take an apple, banana, and orange. I start to eat about 2 hours after I get to work and eat one of those items every 2 hours saving the cottage cheese (sometimes it a yogurt) for lunch at noon. I never get hungary cause I am constantly eating and my blood sugar stays level.

BLONDEE53 Posts: 12,834
1/18/12 12:48 P

I too, do the homemade soups. I use 1 cup containers that stack/freeze/re-use very well. I have some wonderful chicken, lentil soup and a couple of containers of beans in my freezer. I have 14 containers in my freezer at the moment. I add a spoonful of picante sauce to it once heated and I'm good to go. I share a lot with my Mom, so getting 12 cups per pot of soup is a huge blessing!

I do buy Lean Cuisine meals too, and I add extra veggys to those. Wal-Mart has a wonderful selection of veggy blends and I'll put 1-1.5 cups of veggies on my meal before heating. To me, 2 tbs. is not a full serving of vegetables!

EMILYSPARK SparkPoints: (70,445)
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1/18/12 12:14 P

I like taking homemade soups for lunch. It's pretty easy to make up a batch & then portion out into small containers for lunches. Some of my fave recipes are for potato garlic soup and butternut squash soup. Especially delicious on a chillly winter day!

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1/18/12 11:53 A

My favorite things to take for lunch are leftover dinners. I have a habit of cooking way too much food for just my husband and me, so we take leftovers as-is or repurpose them for lunch (for example, turn leftover chili into chili mac for lunch). It ensures that dinner leftovers don't go to waste and we don't have to worry about figuring out what to take for lunch or scramble to put something together in the morning before work. And I try new recipes all the time so there's always variety. If I tried a recipe we didn't like, we keep some backup Lean Cuisines in the freezer.

SIGMA1208 SparkPoints: (9,495)
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1/18/12 9:45 A

Chicken or turkey wraps

DJONES3423 Posts: 99
1/18/12 8:49 A

Like other people have said, I package up leftovers from healthy dinner meals to be used for lunches. If a leftover portion size is small, I add a small green salad to it, making it a filling and nutritious meal.

SLIMLILA SparkPoints: (100,502)
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1/18/12 1:31 A

I freeze a portion from supper and put it in the freezer... That way when I leave for work, I grab a meal dish from the freezer, and take a fruit and a yogurt and I am good to go..

KICKINGIT@56 Posts: 3,166
1/18/12 12:47 A

I make a big salad with every color of vegetable I can find, the fresher the better. It keeps great in a cooler in the trunk of your car or a desk drawer until you are ready for it. Keep the salad dressing in a separate container so it will not get soggy.

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1/17/12 9:45 P

I have a Laptop Lunchbox, a type of bento box which gives me built in portion control. There is a Flickr group for Laptop Lunchboxes--people take pictures of their lunches and post them:
s/ Tons of great lunch ideas there!

One of my favorite lunch ideas I got from the book The Vegan Lunchbox: layered bean dip. Take a serving of refried black beans (Amy's Kitchen refried black beans work nicely - one serving is 130 grams.) Mix with about a 1/4 cup of salsa. Take a half an avocado and mash it with about a tablespoon of lemon or lime juice. Layer 1/2 of the bean salsa mixture, then the avocado mixture and top with the other half of the bean mixture (this keeps the avocado from turning brown). Heat in the microwave and scoop it up with taco chips. (I take two corn tortillas, cut them with a pizza cutter into six pieces each, like pie pieces, and bake in a 350 degree oven for six minutes. Thus: oven-baked tortilla chips).

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1/17/12 7:56 P

That is one of my favorites! Some days, when I have worked out a full hour, I even treat myself with half the apple, and one (1) tablespoon of Nutella. It's like a reward for all the effort, and it helps with the opportunistic monthly chocolate craving.. if you know what I mean!!!

ROBINCT135 Posts: 126
1/17/12 7:09 P

Yum, I love the idea of mixing the green beans, olive oil/vinegar & tuna...sounds like a great combo for lunch. I'll definitely have to try it.

1/17/12 2:52 P

At dinner when I make green beans (with a little olive oil and garlic), I will save some for lunch. I mix in a can of tuna and some balsamic vinegar and Voila! - healthy lunch!

WHEELS54 Posts: 492
1/17/12 1:28 P

trader joes makes a good indian frozen lunch. 1/2 sandwich of cheese and ham, or PB&J. Tuna salad with crackers. I don't feel like making anything, I will have some jerky, cheese and crackers and a piece of fruit. Keeps the carbs low. make a pot of soup for supper and bring some to work for lunch.

ROBINCT135 Posts: 126
1/17/12 1:02 P

100 calorie bagel thin, with 1 teaspoon mustard, 2 oz. roast beef, lettuce, tomato...and a cup of plain Chobani greek yogurt, with fresh blackberries and 1 teaspoon roasted pumpkin seeds mixed in...and, cut up cucumber and carrot sticks.

TPETRO1 Posts: 7
1/17/12 12:39 P

I like to make a big pot of a healthy soup and freeze it in individual servings. Then, I just grab one of them, add a small sandwich or a salad and fruit and I'm set. Right now, I have a potato, bean, and kale soup, a veggie soup, and a chicken and rice soup all in my freezer.

TRUCKERWIFE2 SparkPoints: (20,472)
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1/17/12 12:20 P

We have used the lettuce idea for our daughter at school when they have chicken or turkey wraps. She really likes it. Some restaurants have done this with hamburgers for her.

LARSIL Posts: 942
1/17/12 12:13 P

Using lettuce leaves as a "wrap" in place of bread for sandwiches is a healthy idea -- tuck in an apple or an orange -- and you've "saved" enough calories that you can treat yourself to a cookie or an energy bar dessert. Have a bottled water instead of a soda, and lunch looks pretty good!

SUZFINK Posts: 30
1/17/12 12:08 P

A BIG red declicious apple and 2 tbs. of all natural peanut butter

EARTH420 Posts: 114
1/17/12 11:20 A

Yes Robin ... correct-amundo!! BUT in a pinch, I like the Hormel Compleats w/ the green label cuz those are the lower calorie and lower sodium versions... most of them around 220 cals and add a light yogurt (100 cals) and you have a pretty good lunch for around 320 cals!! Add a CUTIES orange and it adds around 25 more cals and LOTS of vitamin C and 1 serving of fruit/veg!

EARTH420 Posts: 114
1/17/12 11:12 A

ALL great ideas and there was an entry for someone who just quit smoking.... CONGRATS!!! This is a good place to be for encouragement to stick w/ that!! I'm smoke-free going on 4 yrs... last cig was Mar 28th, 2008!!

NIKKIBEE3 Posts: 10
1/17/12 11:11 A

Vegetarian sandwich and yogurt make a tasty lunch.

NIKKIBEE3 Posts: 10
1/17/12 11:09 A

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NIKKIBEE3 Posts: 10
1/17/12 11:08 A

Taco salad with beans.

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ROBINSKV SparkPoints: (0)
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1/17/12 10:59 A

Prepackaged meals are great for when you forget to pack, run out of time, or in my case, just don't feel like packing a lunch! But I have noticed that for the same amount of calories, I feel a lot fuller if I eat something I made. Less sodium and weird chemicals, too!

JDUTCHESS76 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/17/12 8:20 A

These are great ideas. I need to ween myself of the prepacked meals!!!

CALMMAMA2 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/17/12 8:13 A

looking forward to reading the ideas

ALWYSJUJU SparkPoints: (5,238)
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1/17/12 7:46 A

I love Progresso Soup! I have one everyday for lunch at work. There are so many different kinds to choose from. I never get bored. Their light soups are the best because they taste awesome and are very low in calories.

1/17/12 12:32 A

We eat leftovers for lunch 3 times a week. I cook dinner for the two of us but make 3 portions and that usually makes 2 good lunches with some extras to fill in like veges, fruit or yogurt. On Sunday I broil or grill a value pack of chicken breasts and that leaves several pieces for lunch. We also pack up carrots and celery on Sunday. During the week we can grab and go a chicken, veggies, fruit or an individual yogurt or cottage cheese for lunch. These items can also go toward breakfast on my morning break if I'm running late. I can always get a healthy soup in the cafeteria to change things up.

CATHILE Posts: 164
1/16/12 9:29 P

My go to lunches are:

LaChoy Chop Suey veggies (an entire can is about 3 cups with 1/4 cup of the chow mein noodles. I then eat either grapes, an apple, or a banana and either water or milk.

Another one is that I make up 4 pouches of tuna salad. I add 1/4 cup celery, Smart Balance Mayo (2 tbs), pickle relish about a tbs, 3 hard boiled eggs and salt/pepper to taste, I usually eat 1/4 cup of the mixture and get about 5-6 meals out of my mixture and I add a leaf of lettuce and some tomato to it. I put on Aunt Millie's Whole grain light bread. With that I add half a cup of light vanilla yogurt, sprinkle on cinnamon and some fruit.

I also make egg salad, just like I make tuna, but of course sans tuna.... :) I also add the yogurt and fruit as well.

Then the old standby..which I usually eat only once a week...Oscar Meyer deli turkey with lettuce, tomato and then celery stalks, carrots, cucumbers, and add some baked Lays chips.


TONLIZ05 Posts: 521
1/16/12 7:15 P


IMALISMOM SparkPoints: (0)
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1/16/12 4:33 P


Have you considered purchasing one of the rotisserie chickens at Kroger and breaking that up into portions and bringing that in?

For me, I have discovered a place called My fit Foods - I don't know if they are nationwide or not, but I love their food, and use them a lot for lunch. They have meal sizes in small, medium or large.

I also like light progressive soup, but they tend to be higher in sodium levels.

MPEAKY Posts: 4
1/16/12 4:12 P

Thanks everyone for listing so many choices. I cannot wait to get my meals prepared for the week!

NIICOOLLAA SparkPoints: (1,006)
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Posts: 39
1/16/12 3:53 P

Love all the lunch ideas! I'm not a planner (and need help with creative lunch idea). Usually, I just end up with a yogurt mixed with fiber one, a piece of fruit and maybe some pretzels. All these ideas sound much more tasty!

PLYNSN316 Posts: 379
1/16/12 2:50 P

I usually plan my meals (B, L, D & snacks) about a week ahead of time. To save time (and my energy!) I usually plan large crock-pot meals (e.g. chili, chicken soup, vegetable soup, pork chops, etc.) or casserole dishes (e.g. curried chicken and broccoli casserole, tamale casserole, etc.). Lunch for the next day (or two) is left-overs from the crockpot/casserole dish the night (or two) before.

If I don't end up doing the crock pot thing (which sometimes happens as a result of forgetting to put it together the night before, or forgetting to start it in the morning), I usually go with a can of 100-calorie soup (I keep them in my desk), or a griller's original veggie burger (Gardenburger) on a sandwich thin with a light Laughing Cow spread, carrot sticks, and a piece of fruit.

1/16/12 2:41 P

you dont have to roast a chicken yourself. Sometimes you can buy one in the grocery deli, or even Walmart has whole roated hens for $5 and some change. I Love to get those. I can usually get a good pot of home made chicken noodle soup, several roll ups, chicken salad, and even an omlet out of one. They really go a long way, and YOU dont have to mess with the cooking of it.
Eggs and tuna are another really good source for protien. And if you like smoothies, you can add powdered whey protien to those to give you a boost - say like in the morning or after a work out. emoticon

EARTH420 Posts: 114
1/16/12 1:09 P

My lunch on work days is: 1 whole wheat bagelthin w/ a small smearing of Smart Balance w/ evoo light, 1 slice of deli low sodium roast turkey, 1 slice of mozzerella, couple of thin slices of yellow squash & roma tomato and a large leaf of romaine lettuce (or 2) and a tablespoon of Gulden's spicy brown mustard (apprx 250 calories) and 1 cup of light Activia yogurt (70 calories)... sometimes I add 3 or 4 whole wheat pretzel rods (11 cal each) or a Cuties orange (23 calories) ... this is my main meal of the day. Breakfast is about 300 calories ... so around 700 calories for 2 meals isn't TOO bad!!

BRIDGETTER4 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 912
1/16/12 12:38 P

I take Sunday and cook my lunches for the week. This week it's chicken breast and cauliflower. Last week- one of my faves turkey lettuce wraps. Easy to cook and put together, cook ground turkey and your favorite no-salt spices. slice up veggies (I use cukes, bell pepper and sprouts. Take a few outside leaves of iceberg lettuce, put them in a ziploc with the veggies, grab a conatiner for your turkey, 6oz worth. At lunchtime, heat up the turkey, divide it among th lettuce leaves, add veggies and wrap for a great filling lunch, VERY low carb and fat, high in flavor!! Yum!!!

CODYOKAY SparkPoints: (6,633)
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Posts: 19
1/16/12 12:23 P

I love turkey burgers. I grill up a few turkey burger patties on Sunday to last me through the week. At work I can just reheat a couple, top with mustard and a pickle, and wrap em up in a leaf of romaine lettuce. It's just as tasty (and filling) as a hamburger but under 300 calories!!

1/16/12 9:58 A

This is my first week too - thanks for all the ideas - I love hummus so will try that recipe. I love to make a large pot of chili and freeze it in portions, really good high fiber lunch and no excuses when I am busy, it's right there ready to go.

MCPPSL Posts: 3,306
1/16/12 9:47 A

Lunch today was:

Smoked Salmon, dressed with a combination of Lemon and Lime juice, on a bed of Watercress, Spinach, Rocket leaves and grated carrot.

248 kcals including my usual cup of coffee.

CARKON SparkPoints: (0)
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1/16/12 9:25 A

My fave lunch...6 inch w/w tortilla, 2 slices fat free deli chicken slices by Schneiders, horseradish mustard and so much salad greens you can bearly get the wrap in your mouth! It's delish and feels like a lot, crunchy, spicy and practically fat free, pretty good fibre count.

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