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1/16/12 8:14 A

great Hummus recipe! I make a nice batch with 2 cans of chickpeas... drained
2 ~ 3 cloves of garlic, 3 tablespoons l\extra virgin olive oil, Juice from 2 ~ 3 lemons and tablespoon of tahini (sesame paste)or you can use a tablespoon of creamy peanut butter. Puree in the food processor/ blender.. adding a little water if needed ( 1 or 2 tbsp. at a time)
feel free to add roaster peppers or other veggies in place of water....
this is a recipe from our family's middle eastern cookbook. ENJOY!

MELINDAM85 Posts: 499
1/16/12 7:57 A

My lunches tend to be leftovers from dinner 1-2 nights prior. My dinners are always meals made from the SparkPeople Cookbook, so I know they're delicious!

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1/16/12 5:50 A

Hi, I will be trying some of your idea's. I am new here. I am from OK. Nice weather here today, its suppose to be 71 today.

I am thinking about a big salad for lunch and boiled eggs for breakfast and fruit of some kind.

Have a good day,

PATRICIAANN46 Posts: 19,446
1/15/12 8:21 P

I am lucky enough to eat lunch at home and one of my favorite lunches is an Egg-Beater omelet with fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and green peppers. For dessert, I have frozen grapes.

CBULLIS1 Posts: 1,775
1/15/12 6:54 P

Weekendd are busy fot me just try to finf somthing heathy in tje house

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1/15/12 6:26 P

I'm new to this site and love it, i will surely be trying some of these recipes for lunch i usually have a fresh garden salad i made myself and either baked chicken or fish with some home garlic sauce (1 TBSP) on the side with a glass of water,

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1/15/12 2:35 P

I lost 50 pounds between last March and Thanksgiving when I took a break for the holidays--Since I work full-time, I have to come up with easy, tasty, nutritious lunches that I can take to work--This is one of my favorites--

1 cut-up kiwi, 3/4 c cranberries (whirled in the food processor for a few seconds and sweetened with a little Splenda) and 1 c of cottage cheese--Quick & easy to put together, tastes great, satisfying, good protein, anti-oxidants and calcium and clocks-in at about 250 calories--

In the summer, I substituted 1 c of cut-up strawberries for the cranberries and left out the Splenda--C

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1/15/12 1:22 P

I'm going to try to make hummus today :) Been wanting to try it on the Ezekiel pita bread that I found.

MEIN2012 Posts: 4
1/15/12 1:10 P

i like to make a big pot of home made veggie soup!

1/15/12 12:14 P

Tuna in Smart wrap with a few carrot sticks on the side & cherry tomatos.

Water packed Tuna-drained
chopped celery
" onion
" dill pickle
add some ff sour cream & a bit of lite mayo & lemon pepper, stir.

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1/15/12 11:53 A

fresh veggies and hummus

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1/15/12 10:49 A


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1/15/12 10:20 A

You are my hero. You are a success!!

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1/15/12 9:34 A

I like to use bagged salads, add a couple of tomatoes and cucumbers and throw chicken on top.With some low cal dressing, you are good to go. I also cook most dinners, so I usually have a lunch portion as a leftover for another day. For those busy days I am running out the door in the monning, I grab a lean cuisine and purchase a side salad at lunch or bring an entire box of frozen veggies (the smaller steam in a bag). It's amazing how many veggies you can cram in when you put them underneath a lean cuisine.

JAZZMINE Posts: 1,022
1/15/12 9:32 A

Low-fat cottage cheese and tomatoes.


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1/15/12 9:14 A

There are some excellent suggestions in this thread, I am definitely going to be using some of these ideals. Thanks, Cathy

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1/15/12 7:00 A

this is my first week, and your ideas sound great. thanks !

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1/14/12 8:35 P

Thanks for the tuna ideas. This is my first week dieting and I am so lost. I have never eaten tuna but I think I will try it for lunch.

1/14/12 2:50 P

I like my tuna made with lemon, mustard, and pepper.

But my healthy lunch favorite is black beans, baked no salt/butter yams, garlic and lemon juice. Mash very well, add a pinch of cayenne and eat with Melba toast. It's about 420 calories but tons of nutrients and lots of fiber.

I like it to be nice and warm and gooey :)

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TRUCKERWIFE2 SparkPoints: (20,472)
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1/14/12 11:49 A

Sounds like great ideas! Thanks!

1/14/12 11:29 A

I cook up several chicken breasts at a time and refrigerate them so I can use them in my lunches during the week.

A couple of lunches I make quite frequently with the chicken include:

* Chicken breast with baked potato and green beans;
* Chicken breast with tossed salad of various veggies I have on hand. For a little something different, I coat the chicken with hot sauce (the kind you use on buffalo wings) and use ranch salad dressing in the salad. Yummy!

I also enjoy making homemade soup (all kinds). I make enough so I can bring some to the office for lunch. Delicious and healthy and very satisfying. emoticon

BED0FR0SES Posts: 420
1/14/12 10:02 A

Thank you :)

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1/14/12 9:05 A

I like your lunch ideas. I'm just starting out here and I found them very helpful. Thank you for posting & congrats on your current success.

NEWATTITUDE2010 Posts: 452
1/14/12 7:29 A

6 oz turkey sub with lettuce, tomato, and mustard

MISSBOMB Posts: 266
1/14/12 6:48 A

I love tuna! I like it with bean sprouts,lemon juice,and white pepper.

PATRICIAANN46 Posts: 19,446
1/13/12 10:29 P

I make homemade Chicken Noodle Soup on the weekend, freeze it into single size servings and take the soup plus a Whole-Wheat Bagel with Peanut Butter and Apple Slices.

BED0FR0SES Posts: 420
1/13/12 9:47 P

On days where I make lunch at home, I'll roast a portabella mushroom cap with the oven and top it with goat cheese, sauteed spinach/onions/garlic. Delicious, filling and only about 250 calories. I also enjoy using vegan burgers and smothering them with mushrooms/onions/pickles/peppers...whateve
r is on hand. I've always been big on quantity for meals, so I try to pad my meals with lots of veggies (thick cut slices of tomato make your sandwiches look nearly twice as big/appetizing) so I feel like I'm getting more.

On days I eat on campus, I often make a green goddess sandwich (recipe on Spark) or tuna salad. The good thing about canned tuna is its versatile- you can make lemon pepper tuna salad, traditional, throw it on bread, eat it with crackers, stuff it inside a tomato....or, if you're a hot meal junkie like me- throw it on bread and melt some cheese over it for an amazing tuna melt.. :)

Make the tuna salad more filling but less caloric by using LF mayo/salad dressing, and a couple hard-boiled egg whites to thicken it up.

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1/13/12 8:43 P

I just found this website, and I love it! I lost 30 lbs on weight watchers, but this is even better, so here I am! My lunch suggestion is a low fat multigrain tortilla, spread with fat free refried beans, fat free cheddar, and jalapeƱos. I fold it in half, and brown the tortilla in a non-stick pan to get a crunch on it. It can be taken to work to re-heat in the microwave. Dip it in Salsa, and I get my favorite spacey food lunch.

TRUCKERWIFE2 SparkPoints: (20,472)
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1/13/12 5:56 P

Go to healthy lifestyles when you have some free time and look up in the nutrition section mix and match meals. I use the mix and match to help me figure out some different meals. My favorite is whole grain bread, fresh spinach, mustard, cheese and deli meat to make my sandwiches. I change the meats and cheeses. I'll probably change the greens some days. I have to use less of some of the ingredients because I'm very short and use a diabetic diet and use less calories. I use this mainly for ideas. You might play with it and find food combos you like and see how it might fit into your plan. emoticon

1/13/12 5:41 P

Lots of great suggestions here! I've enjoyed reading through the last couple pages of responses...

I've been in a bit of a lunch-rut here. Lately I've just been grabbing a protein bar and a piece of fruit cuz I've been to lazy to plan ahead and figure out something more creative.

TRUCKERWIFE2 SparkPoints: (20,472)
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1/13/12 4:58 P

I have a response to the deli meat issue. Talk to your deli about low sodium deli meat. Our deli section in out supermarket carries 1 each low sodium lunch meat. Chicken breast, turkey breast and roastbeef. My husband was surprised that he liked the low sodium version better than the regular. emoticon

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1/13/12 2:16 P

welcome, i'm new also. your recipe sounds great, i can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

EGREENE4 Posts: 68
1/13/12 11:49 A

It's not the most cost-effective way to buy deli meat, but I only buy 4oz on my way to work. That way I have it for a day or two - built in portion control. I don't have a suggestion about the low-sodium issue. Maybe skip the deli meat and hard boil a few eggs on the weekend to take with you?

SUEK24 Posts: 1,139
1/13/12 10:43 A

Meal sized salads, are one of my all time favorite lunches, especially those with either chicken or shrimp added. You can find them in any restaurant, they're easy to put together at home and they fit into my Zone Diet plan very well. I always leave off the croutons and substitute a bowl of berries for dessert.

1/13/12 10:35 A

I love using leftovers for lunch! In fact, I'll most often make extra dinner just to ensure that my husband and I both have enough for work the next day!

LEEZIE303 Posts: 1
1/13/12 10:31 A

Hi I am new to Sparkpeople and just learning about the site. I was looking for lunch ideas and found all these great lunch ideas. Thought I would share mine, as I am not a big fan of salads either but I love this one. On a bed of lettuce, put 1/2 a sweet apple (I use gala) and a couple of strawberries, on top add 1/2 cup of fat free strawberry yogurt and 1/4 cup of fat free cottage cheese. Top with the other half apple and a couple more strawberries and sprinkle 1 tab of chopped walnuts on top. Delicious, filling and nutrition. Hope you like it.

FFLBB2 Posts: 3
1/13/12 7:38 A

Thanks for the great ideas

TRUCKERWIFE2 SparkPoints: (20,472)
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1/13/12 2:00 A

Made taco pizza today. It's mostly low-fat or black refried beans. Lots of veggies with a little ground beef and shredded cheese.

1/12/12 6:16 P

Loved all of the ideas I copy and pasted probably two pages worth of ideas onto my word document haha. I'm so excited to try these out! I'm also amazed at everyone's progress it makes me so motivated :) Again, thanks!

1/12/12 6:04 P

So many great ideas - thanks for sharing! Lunch is the hardest meal to plan because I'm always at work and have to pack it to bring with me. Will try the lettuce wrap with lean protein and veggies ... you can change the combination and feel like you're having something different every day. Usually I make a pot of homemade vegetable based soup on Sunday and bring it all week but by the end of the week I'm tired of the same lunch every day. I now have many new ideas to get creative and enjoy a variety of weekday lunches - thanks!

GIZMO08 Posts: 80
1/12/12 5:05 P

I don't like peanut butter, but need to get my protein up for the day/lunch would be a good place to start. Lunch meat is SO high in sodium (they didn't have any low-sodium at Kroger's)... and, I AM definitely not the type to roast a chicken and bring it in. I have to watch portion-control if I bring in a whole sleeve of lunchmeat, I'll eat it, all! Any suggestions?

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (212,763)
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1/12/12 2:22 P

I make home-made soups regularly, and often lunch is soup, one slice whole wheat bread and 1 tbsp peanut butter. Another favourite is cottage cheese with fresh fruit and either 1/3 cup bran buds or 1 slice whole wheat toast, no butter.

1/12/12 2:17 P

LOVE rice cakes!

DROP38 SparkPoints: (15,102)
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1/12/12 12:38 P

Lots of great lunch ideas here.

1/12/12 12:32 P

Soups are always good for lunch. I have found that if I take a bite (of any food really), purposely set my utensil down and wait a moment for the next bite, that it I feel full without eating so much. Also, drink lots of water while you eat, you can take a sip between bites and it helps as well.

TERRIKIX SparkPoints: (16,938)
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1/12/12 12:28 P

How about pita pizzas? Take a whole wheat pita, spread a Tbls of pizza sauce on it, 1 oz of shredded cheese and any vegetables you want. I like to add artichoke hearts and bell peppers. I use the pizza sauce from a squeezable bottle rather than a can. I can assemble this at work and heat in the microwave.

BAMBI31311 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/12/12 10:04 A

I'm experimenting with lunches to see what will keep me feeling satisfied through the afternoon with enough energy to get straight to the gym for a workout. I come home for lunch so it has to be quick. These are what I'm trying so far:

1) 2 egg omlette with cottage cheese and rolled oats mixed in. High protein and approx 300 cals. 2) Half a tin of tuna with 1/4 avocado, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves. 3) 1/2 tin tuna mixed with greek yogurt spread on toasted pita bread. 4) A slice of turkey, tomatoes, cucumbers, rocket leaves, some avocado on toasted pita.

Usually before I head out the door for my work out I grab about 4 walnut halves to crunch on.

SCORPIOCANDY SparkPoints: (27,170)
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1/12/12 9:09 A

I really enjoy:

1. Romain lettuce leaf with roasted garlic hummus, veggie american cheese and sweet yellow pepper - made into a wrap

2. Homemade vegetable soup

3. Whole wheat pita filled with hummus, sprouts, veggie cheese and pimento

Hope those suggestions help

1/12/12 8:34 A

My favorite pairs are:

Turkey,lettuce, zucchini strips, mustard rolled in whole wheat tortilla with soup
Greek salad with some grilled chicken
Quinoa salad: quinoa, celery, olives, cucumbers, vinegar and oil

JLW4811 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/11/12 10:40 P

I went and bought me a big lunch bag that I can put in the fridge and pack my lunch for the week, for the most part.

I eat 1/2 Kangaroo pita bread, generally with 3 slices turkey breast, 1 slice of provolone cheese, pickles and olives. Then have either a cup of fruit, apple sauce, or sugar free chocolate pudding. If I still feel hungry then I eat a green salad with fat free italian dressing.

If that doesn't sound good or I get burnt out, then I take left overs, however I fill my container up with more veggies then anything and have about 4 oz of protein and about a 1/2 cup carb.

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