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12/17/12 5:40 P

I've found that the Luna protein bars are really good. They have about 170 calories with 12 grams of protein and lots of vitamins. My favorite flavor is the chocolate mint but all of them are delicious! Just make sure not to get the regular Luna bars because they have oats in them. Lara bars are also really good but they have more calories and less protein (about 6 grams).

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12/17/12 4:37 P

fresh fruit
fresh veggies
tuna/salmon packets
mini quiche muffins
soup in a thermos
sunflower/pumpkin seeds
dried edamame
green smoothie in a thermos

I make my own bars.on the rare occasions where necessary.

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12/17/12 4:36 P

I'm traveling for the holidays too and plan to fill my carry-on with homemade bars. Why not make your own? That way you can control exactly what goes into them. I use an oat base with vanilla protein powder, you should be able to find gluten free oats. There are tons of recipes out there for these kinds of bars. You can use any kind of flavor you like. My favorites are dark chocolate mint, chocolate w/ candied orange peel, mocha, tropical fruit w/ coconut, and many more. Pick a recipe that fulfills your personal nutritional needs and make a few flavors, wrap them up and you're all set.

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12/17/12 2:52 P

I recently was diagnosed with celiac disease which means I can have NO gluten whatsoever. My fiancé and I are flying to San Antonio to visit friends and I really need gluten free travel food. I am trying to lose weight so I do not want anything high in calories/fat. Any idea of a good brand? Also, if you have any ideas for healthy gluten free airport food to pack, please let me know! Thank you!

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