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CANADA-DISCO19 Posts: 168
7/28/12 2:54 P

Mmmm that date and banana smoothie idea sounds yummy! I tracked my planned food for today, and I got to almost 1300 calories (yay!) with smoothies, lots of soy milk, avocado, olive oil, freshly juiced veggies, dates, and puréed beans.

EUPHROSYNEA Posts: 2,681
7/28/12 12:21 P

I am a vegan as well, what I do to increase calories is banana & date smoothies! They are delicious, don't fill up fast and have lots of calories :) Just blend 5 large bananas with 200g of dates. You can also use frozen bananas for this in hot weather. The best thiing I ever ate! The entire thing will have about 1200 calories. Hope you will try this, it is worth it, promise :)

You won't guess, but watermelon has many calories as well. I just finished 8500 grams of the sweetest watermelon I ever ate! Was about 3000 calories. Of course I didn't eat the entire thing in one sitting, but throughout the day, whenever I felt hungry I just dug in :) The belly is round and happy now :D

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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7/28/12 11:54 A

Get a second opinion! If one dietician isn't helping you, find another one. They should be offering healthy suggestions! DEfinitely make sure they're a *registered* dietician, and don't be afraid to ask for their qualifications. They should be able to take your needs and wants, and use that to make something you can use. Medical professionals are like anyone else; they're imperfect, and human. Some will be better than others, and you're entitled to find one that works for you.

In the mean time, Sparkpeople does have this article that may help you:

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CANADA-DISCO19 Posts: 168
7/28/12 11:48 A

Unfortunately, I have talked with both a dietician and a therapist who tell me to do things like eat pudding; tuna or macroni with lots and lots of mayo; bread with lots of butter; their focus is obviously to make food easier to eat and to make sure I get enough calories, but not really at making sure I get proper nutrition. I would feel like crap if I ate the way they told me. I won't rant, but sometimes nutrition in the health care world is frustrating, to say the least.

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
7/28/12 1:29 A

This is actually a medical question, which no one here is qualified to handle. You should be getting advice from a medical professional who can review your records and examine you in person so they know all of the issues you're facing. Ask your doctor to help you find a Registered Dietitian with experience in helping people with your condition.

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7/27/12 11:29 P

Yep, avocado for sure!

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
7/27/12 11:25 P

Nut butters and avocado are the first things that come to mind. Both could be added to smoothies. You could also add protein powders and/or flax to increase the calories.

CANADA-DISCO19 Posts: 168
7/27/12 11:16 P

So, I recently had brain surgery that damaged some nerves meaning 1.) I can't swallow very easily and I eat very slowly and 2.) My digestive system can't handle a lot of solid food. I eat mostly liquid/pureed food, along with one small solid food meal a day.
I am trying to eat very healthy, lots of fruits and veggies, and mostly vegan. The problem is, I get full very quickly, and I've only eaten 500-1000 calories for almost the last two weeks. Any suggestions as to healthy foods I can eat/puree/drink to increase my calorie intake while remaining healthy?

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