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6/6/13 3:22 P

One last suggestion: Unless your diabetic nutrition counselor has told you otherwise, you could swap out a few carbs for a bit more healthy fats...

If the "day" you posted below is quite typical, you have some extra carb in there at 179 g....
25 carb @4cal about = 12g fat @9cal, so you could play the "balancing" game.

If you've not had a referral to a Dietician since you've been dealing with your diabetes (or pre-diabetes), that might really help you! You can take some printouts of your weekly chart at the bottom of the Nutrition page, and a list of your exercise, and they can advise you. Well worth it!!

Good luck,

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6/6/13 7:01 A

if you are having issues getting into your fat ranges, why on earth are you using 0 cal spray butter? use a teaspoon of olive oil instead of the spray butter will get you 40 cals and 4-5 grams fat. and as side note you do know that if you use enough 0 cal spray butter it actually has calories, right? one spray has little enough to be none, but if you're one of those people that try and spray half a bottle of the stuff on a potato it will add up [-though not as much as an actual fat].
the two biggest issues i see are breakfast and lunch, where you seem to be trying to eliminate fat altogether. granola and any dairy [buy 1 or 2%, not non fat] would get you more fat and likely more protein as well. for dinner, try mixing italian herbs with a little bit of olive oil and vinegar if you don't want to swap olive oil or butter for your spray butter.
and you really have to get okay with eating above 1300. you have a range for a reason and part of the reason is to get the nutrients in. start tracking things like calcium, fiber, folate, iron and a few others of your choice to help you see where and what you are missing so you know what to add. as you lose weight your ranges are only going to go up [to maintenance] and being able to go a little higher than you were eating is a skill you're going to need. i'm not saying you shouldn't eating at that under 1300 ever, but you shouldn't worry about eating between 1300-1550, especially if you can't get in the things you need in less than 1300. because getting the things you need in very low calories is something most people need a dietitian for.

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I humbly admit I was incorrect and understand what you are saying now.

My recommendation is to cut back on (and eventually remove) processed items. Given that you are diabetic, the first change I would make is to start the day with protein; eggs, plain greek yogurt, cottage cheese, mini quiche muffin, piece of chicken, etc. In replacement of a Lean Pocket, I would try a salad containing meat and healthy fats (such as seeds, avocado, cheese, or olive oil). I suggest that bc it is very easy to find and portable. Tuna, salmon, or chicken packets/cans are also very convenient for portability and ease. Salmon also provides healthy fats. Finally I would replace the spray butter with real butter on a non-starchy vegetable. Babysteps.

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Thanks for all the responses. Alright, here are my daily goal ranges; I'm viewing them right now:
Calories: 1200-1550
Carbs: 150-194
Fat: 40-52
Protein: 60-78

I found Planters Sunflower seed kernals and 1/4 cup was only 160 cals and 14g I'm adding those into my regular diet starting today.

Today I'm ending the day at:
Calories: 1251
Carbs: 179
Fat: 31
Protein: 75

I manually enter ALL of my foods nutritional labels to my favorites and do measurements to make sure I'm getting the correct amounts.

For breakfast I had corn flakes and milk

Lunch was bacon egg and cheese lean pocket

Dinner was fat free italian dressing for marinating, chicken breast, and a baked potato with 0 calorie spray butter.

Snack was the sunflower seeds.

Thus, provenly being inside the three ranges except fats. I only had more fats than normal because I added the sunflower kernals. EDIT: to also add that I had Valley Fresh broccoli cheese steamers too

Also, yes, I am on the diabetic plan on spark

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6/5/13 7:34 A

if you're only getting 12-14 grams of fat in, you're pretty close to the line where that means that your body simply isn't properly processing things like protein, vitamins and minerals [fat soluble vitamins and minerals ring any bells?] so you actually aren't getting the benefit of the rest of what you are eating.
the easiest solution is to try to get under 1400 cals, which gives you 100 cals extra to get in another 10 g fat and bring you out of that zone. that tradeoff comes at losing a pound less per 35 days. so over the course of five weeks, you'll lose one pound less than you would have otherwise and you'll be getting the nutrients from the foods you are actually eating [you know, half of the actual point of eating].
and as others have noted, fats have 9 cals per gram. find 10 grams of fat to add to your meals, it'll bump your cals up by 90 and get you out of that too little fat range. you can cook in two teaspoons of oil, you can add 2/3oz of nuts, but you do need to get at least a little more in.

also, unless you are on the diabetic plan, you need to go back to your start page and reset your goals. well, unless your doctor gave you more specific instructions that you manually input in which case you should follow those. because 42-52 grams isn't a proper spark fat gram range. and if 42 is the start of your fat ranges, then under 1300 cals is way too low a range for you to be eating in because your ranges wouldn't be 1200-1550. for example my ranges are 1460-1810 and my fat ranges are 32-70. if your fat ranges are showing 42-50 that means that at some point you managed to edit them away from what they should be and you need to find out what they should be. and since this is the same place where you can edit [however accidentally] your calorie ranges, you need to go back to your goals, make sure your height and weight are accurate, save, make sure your loss per week isn't more than 1% of your bodyweight, save, make sure your calories burned per week is accurate, save and then see what ranges you get.

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6/5/13 6:54 A

Just have smaller portions of healthy fats. I just use about a tablespoon of nut butter, flaxseed, avocado etc.

Really, under 1300 cals sounds way too low for your current weight. I don't even eat that low and I'm 5'2 and under 115 lbs. I eat a bare minimum of 1350 cals and average more between 1400-1500 cals. You shouldn't be afraid to eat, especially if you currently exercise. Make sure you have not set your goal date to be too aggressive and that you've manually entered how many calories you burn weekly through exercise into your "fitness setup".

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I found it took me a little while to play around with the intake to get it a healthy balance. I mainly had to drop FRUIT a bit (was eating TONS of it prior) and this also meant a drop in fibre, which I needed LOTS of (42g or more.) Because of the reduced Fibre, I had to push the fat up because the low fat AND the lower fibre spelled "constipation" big time. Next it was a case of increasing the protein, so that meant reducing the lean meat and increasing lentils and bran. It took a few weeks of playing around with it until I could get a happy medium.

Good luck with finding a happy medium for you!

Out of curiosity, what calorie range did SP give you. Because you have a lot to lose, I would have thought you would have needed a few more than the calories you are consuming at the moment. 1200 calories is for an average weight woman who is very sedentary - more activity and/or being overweight increases the calorie needs.


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6/5/13 4:05 A

Sadly, fats are high in calories. They have 9 calories/gram vs the 4 calories/gram in protein and carbs. But, they are an important part of a healthy meal plan. So, the only thing to do is to cut out some of the carbs and/or protein so you have the calories to use for heart-healthy fats.

Avocados are one of my favorite healthy fats. If you are new to avocados, I would recommend trying to add some to a sandwich or wrap. You can either just put some slices in or you can squish it up with a fork and spread the avocado like mayo. You can also put it on salads. I love a good chicken and avocado salad. Another healthy fat is olive oil. You can put a little on your salads along with, for example, some basalmic vinegar. Peanut butter (and other nut butters like almond butter) also contain heart-healthy fats. Just make sure to get the ones that don't have a bunch of other added oils. A peanut (or almond) butter sandwich or a tablespoon of a nut butter stirred into your morning oatmeal is an easy and tasty way to up your intake of healthy fat. You can also add some almonds to your yogurt (or get granola that has almonds in out for the sugar content of some of those granolas, though).

Eggs are another source of fat. I know that the yolks have gotten a bad rap, but it may not be all that justified and most people are just fine to eat a couple of eggs a few times per week (if you are concerned about it, ask your doctor). The yolks actually have some great nutrients in them, including fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids. Here's an article on eggs, written by Becky Hand, the registered dietitian for Spark People:

Edited to add: hummus! You can spread it on sandwiches or use it to dip carrots, peas or other veggies.

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6/5/13 12:41 A

Another (prying) question to think about.... Why are you trying to stay down at 1300 calories a day?? Unless you aren't exercising at all, that's pretty low! What range did Spark suggest for you?

For fats...I frequently add in:
Peanut Butter (adams original, no sugar!) 1Tbls 105 cal/ fat 8 /carb 3/ prtn 4

Avocados...make sure its soft enough to be ripe (or they taste bitter!)--eat only 1/4 of one (about 50 grams) at a time.... 50g 85 cal/ fat 8/ carb 4/ prtn 1

and full fat cheese....only about one oz at a time....120 cal/ fat 9 (6 sat) carb 0/ prtn 7

I know the latter has saturated fat, but I'm consistently about: 22/day... below the recommended cutoff of 25 for my calorie range of ~1500-1800, so I am comfortable with that...other folks might not be!

Happy and Healthy Eating!

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6/5/13 12:28 A

Carbs + Proteins + Fats = total Calories

I don't want to sound rude, I just want to clarify, it is mathematically impossible to be on target for three and too low for fats. What are your Carb, Protein, and calorie counts you are currently meeting?

(Fat sources will always be more caloric as a gram of fat contains 9 calories while a gram of carbs or proteins contain 4 calories.)

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6/5/13 12:02 A

I don't know what to do. :( I'm hitting everything caloric, carb, and protein on target. The only part I am drastically lower in (Averaging 12-14g) is of fat in my diet. Spark wants me to have 40-52g. I know nuts and avocados and fish are good sources of healthy fats, but they're all also HIGH IN CALORIE. I try to get under 1300 calories a day. I looked at several nuts, seeds and even avocados (which I never tried and I hate fish) check calorie content in the nutrition tracker and they are ridiculously high in calorie. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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