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3/19/13 12:04 A

We generally start with a small salad of mixed greens... arugula, spinach, watercress, grape tomatoes, green onions, shreds of cabbage, raw zucchini coins, all with a light vinaigrette, then we have ham (au naturel, not glazed) .... asparagus grilled with just a bit of lemon rather than sauces or butter. Our one sin is the first potato salad of the season, but i've lightened it by using lighter mayonnaise and eating smaller portions (I know that there are potato salads without mayo, but it's close to a sacrament at our house, so I could only tweak it so far!). I use three kinds of potatoes.. russets, red, and yukon gold to achieve the perfect consistency, hard booked egg, onion, celery... more veggies than anything.

I do another side of steamed, lightly glazed carrots, using no sugar fruit preserves very lightly.

For dessert, fresh fruit over angel food cake or frozen yogurt.. usually strawberries with a little orange liqueur or a splash of brandy (very small splash!)

We try to have lots of people around the table.. good company is a great appetite suppressant for me!

I finally stopped making Easter baskets and keep candy out of the house for the most part, except my husband's jelly beans....

ADEL1942 Posts: 3
3/18/13 9:57 P

HI All,

I would love to see your healthy Easter Dinner ideas that you have shared with your family and friends over the years...Please share :-)

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