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11/26/13 10:55 A

This blog post takes a look at that very issue.

How Your Genes Affect Your Jean Size

Coach Tanya

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11/26/13 8:57 A

You need to find a diet that will work for you over the long term. Nirerin is right in that people with "naturally toned bodies" put in a lot of work, but its the work of months/years in getting their diet right so that it can support their lifestyle and the body they want. From my own experience, I don't eat very many processed foods (yogurt and granola is about it) and I strength train. I really noticed the difference in my body shape when I started lifting heavy. Diet will help you get rid of excess weight, strength training will give you shape.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,325
11/26/13 8:01 A

my personal opinion is that most of those people with "naturally toned bodies" are really minimizing the work that they do to get it it [ie, they work out two hours a day and tell people who ask that it isn't really much or that they don't really do anything special] or are just insanely active people. there is some amount of genetics in there, but toned to me says lifestyle factors.
if by "toned" what you really mean is very, very thin, then there is more genetics in it. but every shape can be toned imo.
and it's not just diet. it's lifestyle as well. it's the what the person eats, it's how much they just move around, it's how and how much they work out.
diet is a big factor in weight, but diet alone doesn't do a thing for your making your muscles visible. that comes from using them.

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11/26/13 6:42 A

You can't change your body shape and yes, some people are more genetically gifted than others. However, nobody gains muscle without doing something to get it whether it be working out of because they have a job that develops it.
You can't see muscle that is under layers of fat.
Any "diet" (healthy eating plan) will help to eliminate that fat and working out, of course, helps to build muscle.

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11/26/13 4:03 A

hi everyone,

I have noticed it.Some people have toned body naturally or may be gift of their genes.
Even after exercise some donot get that body.
What may be the reasons. Is it becuase of the diet??
What are diet plans for good toned body or any neccessary fats that anybody must have in there daily routine

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