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9/5/13 7:41 P

I am hooked on Yoplait 100 calorie Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup of blueberries & 1/4 cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch early at like 7 am and then around 10 or 11, 1/4 cup of fat free cottage cheese and cup of fresh fruit salad.....I am full till my lunch time which is usually late, maybe 2:30 or so.....

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9/2/13 6:20 P

You don't have to eat the traditional breakfast foods for breakfast. You can eat a sandwich or maybe some leftovers from a previous meal.

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9/1/13 9:40 A

Avocado halve stuffed with 2 ounces of crabmeat

How about microwaving an apple and adding cinnamon

Mix brown rice with 1 scrambled whole egg and 2 or three whites...add a bit of margarine and brown sugar to taste...DELICIOUS, filling and healthy. You can make the rice and egg the night before and put it in the fridge. Then in the morning, heat it up in the microwave and add the margarine and brown sugar. Try adding chopped nuts.

1/2 Cup No Sugar Added Applesauce
1 Piece of toast cut into 4 strips for

You’ve probably heard of quinoa...Quinoa flakes are more like oatmeal's an exceptional source of vegetarian protein.

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9/1/13 1:46 A

Wrap with nut butter and fruit
French toast made with bread of your choice
What about cold cereal that is low in fiber such as special k with soymilk and fruit
You can always have things like a turkey sandwich too

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8/31/13 11:23 P

I am looking for breakfasts that are dairy-free and low in fibre.
All I eat for breakfast now is eggs or cereal. I have Cream of Wheat but havent made it in awhile.
If anyone knows any oatmeal low in insoluble fibre and high in soluble fibre, please tell me.
Thank you!

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