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7/18/13 8:23 A

Substance for breakfast is a good thing.
Keep the steel cut oatmeal - leave out the fruit - add 1/3 or 1/4 cup Grape Nuts. They are sweet, give great texture and these two will give the "I am full" feeling for the morning.

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7/17/13 11:33 P

Hi Guys,

I didn't know which message board I should put this in, so I'm putting it here because this one deals with recipes.

I was hoping I'd get some ideas about healthy breakfasts. A little variety goes a long way, so I'd like to get your different ideas.

My usual breakfast:

Either an egg sandwich that my mom makes. She microwaves two eggs- with the yolk- and sandwiches them between two toasted plain bagels, with some tabasco and salt and pepper.

I know. Pretty bad. I'm just so used to it. But I want to change. Plus, I heard it's not good to eat eggs every day. Is that true?

Another option is honey bunches of oats cereal. But those portions are so small.

Also, one of my favorite breakfasts, although it's not as filling as I'd like it to be and I find myself yearning for seconds.

Trader Joe's Natural Toasted Bran- 1/3 cup
Honey 1-2 tbsp
almonds, slivered- 1/4 cup
milk (unfortunately in the house I only have 2% milk)

I saw this recipe in fitness mag of an egg burrito- scrambled eggs, green chiles, and cheddar. I do not have cheddar, but I was going to try it with the chiles and eggs and maybe some onions. Then, wrap it up in a tortilla. But, then again, I don't know if I should eat eggs everyday.

Also, I have a lot of plain oatmeal, but I never know what to do with plain oatmeal. I don't have any fruit to sweeten it up. I have yet to go to the grocery store. And besides, I tried plain steel cut oats with berries once and it was still pretty bland. So I'd like to eat something more satisfying if that's an option.



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