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7/10/14 1:53 A

I love canned veggies straight out of the can. We snack on them when camping for stints too long for fresh produce. Also tuna packets as you mentioned.

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7/9/14 11:13 A

I'm not trying to sell this stuff, but I've recommended St. Dalfour canned meals before. They are from France - yikes, sounds exotic - but they are basic 'Gourmet on the Go' meals with fish and vegetables (salmon, tuna) or just vegetables (beans and corn, grain and vegetables, couscous or pasta and vegetables).The calories are low, meaning it is kind of a 'balanced snack.' If you are having it for lunch, it's a low-calorie lunch. With some fruit or chips, it's great.

I've bought them on amazon, where they are pricey. I'm always looking for a place that sells them for less.

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7/9/14 9:51 A

Can you just bring a lunch box with an ice pack? If there is no room at the job, you can keep it in the car. Then you would be able to eat almost anything.

7/9/14 6:54 A

You have been given some great ideas.
I thought I would share a little more on "meal replacements".
Most protein powders are a way to boost protein; not a "complete meal". I imagine a complete meal is what you are needing/wanting.
So you may want to be looking for things like: Ensure, Boost, Carnation Instant Breakfast (or similar store brands of these). Some weight loss companies (like Medifast, HMR) have great tasting meal replacement shakes in powder form that you can just mix with water.

HMR also carries "shelf stable" entrees which might be very helpful with your situation.
Here is a link as an example:

Hope this helps--
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7/9/14 1:04 A

I don't know if this might help.

Another idea:
You could take single serving portions of whey protein powder (measure it into a ziplock bag or
plastic cup with a lid). Pour it into water when you are ready to drink it, shake well, and it is a good snack (mine is about 100 cal per serving). If you had that with something else (applesauce in a plastic cup, dried fruit or veggies, nuts or seeds) it could be a pretty nutritious substitute for a meal.

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7/8/14 11:49 P

I like Nirerin's idea of drying your own fruits. Use an insulated lunch bag with icepacks or bags of ice, I used to do that when I was going to school. You could get them pretty big to pack everything you need: a serving of fruit, a serving of veggies, a good sandwich, etc. If one isn't big enough, there are also big insulated bags that people use to bring dishes to parties or get-togethers. I don't know where to buy them but I've seen many people with them and if your workday is long, that would be a great choice. I want to follow this topic because I would like to hear the answers as well.

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7/8/14 9:25 P

just veggies is the brand i like, though they're not particularly cheap. they do have just about all fruits and vegetables though.
the other option would be dehydrating your own fruits and vegetables.

could you do cup of soups? dr macdougall's, nile and health valley all have some pretty decent options out there that aren't noodles. the big cup of black bean soup has 13 g of fiber in it. and they also come in lentil curry, chili and potato leek.

does your local library have a copy of mary jane's outpost? can you heat water? if so for camping they basically portion out ziploc bags of quinoa. then you mix up different baggies of seasonings [jerk, cinnamon sugar, curry, etc]. so you heat water, add the quinoa, then a bit of the spice mix of your choice. you can supplement it with fresh or dried food as you need to. and if nothing else, look for camping recipes for a greater idea of what is possible without most conveniences.

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7/8/14 9:10 P

Hi guys! I have a unique job and don't have access to fresh fruits and vegetables at times. Space is limited, and I can't refrigerate or freeze anything. I also sometimes need meal replacements. Any suggestions to keep eating healthy? I would especially be interested in something like dried vegetables that actually have some nutritional value, if you have a brand that you know is awesome.

Here's some things I've tried:
dried fruit (full of sugar)
beef jerky
applesauce (heavy/lots of space)
peanut butter
pureed fruit pouches (expensive)
fiber one bars
mixed nuts
tuna packets


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