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11/27/12 9:42 A

I typically start with a miso soup or some edamame (or both). After that, I find that any sushi that consists of mainly rice, fish and veggies is safe calorie-wise. I avoid anything fried, or things with mayo or cream cheese. Some people like to avoid rice altogether, and wait for the platter that are just the pieces of fish sashimi (just fish). However, I usually don't eat enough at sushi places for the rice to really make much of a difference.

My favorites are the salmon or tuna nigiri, and sometimes veggie, salmon or tuna rolls. Sushi with tamago (egg) is also a good choice.

Rule of thumb: if a roll is labelled as "spicy" it usually has a spicy mayo sauce. And the fancier, more elaborate rolls often have mayo too. Best stick with the simple ones.

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11/26/12 9:44 A

Sushi can be deceiving! I would definitely order at least one other thing to round out the meal. Miso soup, edemame or seweed (or regular) salad are all good choices.

As for actual rolls, you're right to stay away from the fried and the ones covered in mayo. Sashimi is a good choice, or you could see if they offer brown rice as an option. It won't really save you any calories, but it'll add fiber and make you feel fuller.


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11/26/12 9:27 A

You've gotten lots of good advice already, but I wanted to link this site, I found that has a lot of info.
You could also start with some edamame. It's very salty, so you may want to watch that, and be careful on the portion as it can add up quickly, but it is a decent source of protein and oh so yummy!

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depending on what you enjoy - I love a good seaweed salad with a little sesame oil and tasted seeds mixed in add some rice vinegar and you have a great treat (most places I know in my area have this as part of their deal and its fair healthy and vitamin/mineral packed and not to bad sodium wise).

Other wise Sahamshi (however its spelt) which is just plain uncooked fish no rice can be a delis option depending on what fishes are on offer (as in depends on your tastes in raw fish).

Sushi Cakes are a nice option, though depending on how they are made in your area can be an issue or not (here one place offered 6 different versions ranging from meat to vegan options).

Basics are order what you will in general knowing that sauces should be on the side and that you can have them prepare just about anything on the menu in water over any oils or other causes used in the cooking process.

Another good option is to have a group order where you all choose a few options for the table that you all agree upon add in an order of rice (if not part of the deal) and you should be good to go - a Sushi Boat though costly to some is a great deal in general for a group of people and doesn't hurt the waste line while still allowing a salad or some other lower calorie option (such as soup).

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11/25/12 11:20 P

Thanks for the suggestions! I hadn't thought about the sauces, fortunately I'm weird and don't like soy sauce or most sauces in general so that will also be easy to avoid.

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11/25/12 11:13 P

I love the veggie rolls or the steamed shrimp or fish sushi. I avoid the dipping sauces because they are high in salt and calories

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11/25/12 11:02 P

I'm going out for sushi later on this week and am wondering - what are the healthiest options to go with here? I know I should probably stay away from tempura or anything fried, and I don't like mayo so I can easily avoid that stuff. Just wondering if anyone out there has any other advice to offer. :) Thanks!

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