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11/8/13 4:23 P

I agree with some of the above. I think your body is adapting to a healthier source of fuel. I advise replacing 100% of the fast food with something healthy that you fully enjoy. It doesn't have to be food. Reading, praying, shopping, dancing, singing in the shower, playing with your kids, laughing, anything that takes the stress off.

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11/8/13 3:47 P

RUSSELL- wouldn't it depend what is in the smoothie? Mine don't spike my sugar. Mine are also not sweet. I don't put sugar in them. I use low glycemic fruits. I may add bee pollen which is sweet but is also considered a perfect food.
I use smoothies to replace meals all the time and can't say that i am hungry in two or three hours.

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11/8/13 3:41 P

Is the OP even diabetic or with any known blood sugar issues? I don't see anything to suggest it; that came up first in the comments.

That said, I do kinda agree about smoothies. There may be people who are fine with using one as a meal replacement with no repercussions; I am not one of those people. If the OP is very attached to them, maybe adding some fats and protein to it (people use stuff like chia seeds I think?) would help if that's not already being done, or spreading out calories a bit differently throughout the day so that there's a good filling snack scheduled around the time the smoothie "wears off". Otherwise a different meal style would probably turn out better.

11/8/13 2:02 P

Are yu eating a smoothie instead of a meal? If you are, a smoothie isn't usually enough to substitute for a whole meal. What are you putting in your smoothies? I suggest adding more vegetables, fewer fruits, and some protein.

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11/8/13 1:19 P

First, I am guessing healthier is relative, since you still eat fast food.

Still, the idea of low blood sugars can be addressed. Yes food is turned to glucose, but it is not all digested at the same speed, so a chicken thigh, won't be absorbed as fast as a smoothie.

Sadly, the fast food may be healthier than the smoothie, as far as blood sugar is concerned. It gets absorbed very quickly, and the result is a soaring blood sugar. If you are otherwise healthy, the body releases Insulin in large quantities, since glucose cannot remain in your blood. It has to be used, or stored. So after immediate use, you form glycogen, which is like a waiting room for use in the near future. The rest is turned into triglyceride, and stored. This can be seen in the mirror as body fat.

What is important for you, is that after the body get rid of the glucose, you blood sugar drops, and you get hungry. If you don't eat, you get grumpy. Most likely, you feel hungry two hours after the smoothie, and just use willpower. Willpower may work, but it pisses me off. Probably, you too.

The faster your blood sugar goes up, the larger your release of Insulin, and the faster you blood sugar drops, and you eat again. This happens enough, that we eat extra meals every day, hence Taco Bell's " 4th meal! "

So if you want to avoid being hungry/grumpy, choose foods with a mix of low glycemic carbs, and protein, along with fat. A salad with chicken, and a olive oil/vinegar dressing will keep blood sugars from spiking, and keep you full longer. Or fish, and a side of vegetables, or 2 ozs cheese, and a 1/2 cup raspberries for a snack.

I'm guessing you are short on time, since you eat fast food, so try to mix it up, and get rid of the smoothies. Over time, work on switching more and more away from fast food, and towards healthy solid foods.

The problem was that you listened to everyone saying that smoothies are healthy, and your attempt to eat BETTER, failed because it wasn't true. Both fast food and smoothies are based on one thing.. convenience, and neither are great for you. Still, a Quarter Pounder takes longer to digest than a smoothie.

Before anyone trashes me for the fast food. I will add, that their are other health concerns, and while smoothies may mess up your blood sugars, they would have more nutrients than a Quarter Pounder. This was based solely on blood sugar control. I don't think either are healthy, but my guess is your concern is the hunger/grumpiness first and foremost, so I addressed that. Time is your other problem, and I hope that eventually you get to a point where you have, or make the time to eat healthy meals, which are devoid of fast food, and smoothies, altogether. I figured that would be unrealistic in the near future though, so tried to give you advice that actually helped you.

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11/7/13 7:55 P

This must be emotional eating. Right? There are times when I use food to make me feel better if I am tired , or, if DH is gone and I feel alone. Getting past that with healthier food!

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11/7/13 6:44 P

From experience I can tell you that Becky is totally right. I found myself growing stubborn and having mood swings once I cut out chips and cheese. They were both something that I personally adored. Just my two cents.

11/6/13 8:27 P

Perhaps this is the answer.
Highly processed foods (think sweets and fatty foods---chips, cookies, candy, snack crackers); trigger the pleasure center in your brain. You want more of these foods for the pleasure feeling; and it takes more and more to bring about the pleasure feeling.

You cut them out, or decrease them...and you go through withdrawl. And you feel irritable and grouchy. Give it about 7-10 days. You will feel better.

your SP Registered Dietitian

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11/6/13 7:21 P

Freedom, that is still WAY too many carbs for most diabetics. Something like 125 G/day is closer to the upper limit. If you are diabetic, you need to see a nutritionist ASAP to get a better handle on what you should be eating.

Why are you still eating ANY fast/junk food?

When I am grumpy it generally means that I am not exercising enough.

If you share your food and fitness trackers, you are likely to get more specific/helpful feedback here.

Just a shot in the dark--are you eating breakfast? Are you having a good amount of carbs and some protein with your breakfast? A hearty breakfast can help with hunger later in the day.

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11/6/13 7:01 P

Thank you for your suggestions. I googled blood sugar, which led me to It said 45-60 grams of carbs per meal is suggested. So I calculated carbs in eggs and 2 cups of veg/fruit. I am low in carbs for half the day until I go for some fast food. Now for some moderation... Maybe that will do the trick.

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11/6/13 4:26 P

do you still really want/like fast food? if you're skipping a burger in favor of a smoothie, it might just be you being... sulky... about skipping something you like in favor of something you don't like nearly as much. i mean, i've never been a big burger person, but i can't imagine a smoothie is a good sub when you want a burger. i know that a burger won't hit the spot when you want nuggets, that's for sure. so i would guess that if you want a burger, make a burger at home and have a salad or some fruit with it instead of just having a smoothie. if you want nuggets, make some at home, but have the produce on the side [in smoothie form if you prefer]. in other words, instead of trying to go all the way to the other end of the spectrum with what you actually eat, try to eat a little closer to what you want.

11/6/13 3:59 P

Sunshine I don't think that's entirely correct. I eat 600 calorie meals and I enjoy a steady low blood sugar all day, even after meals by eating a LCHF diet. One hour after a huge lunch today my blood sugar was 4.6 mmol/L or 82 mg/dl.

Low blood sugar would be my first guess as well though, it is notorious for making people grumpy.

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11/6/13 3:21 P

NO! For me it was all or nothing-I stopped eating nearly every junk/unhealthy food I enjoyed. Wow! I never saw myself as grouchy but sometime the word used to discribe me would be unpublishable! After I began to allow some of the foods I enjoyed into my plan in moderation, I became much better.

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11/6/13 1:02 P

The more calories you eat at a meal, the higher your blood sugar will be after the meal and so
everything you eat turns to sugar because food has calories & calories provide energy....
The fat and sugar content in most fast foods is extremely high.

Irritability is caused when high blood sugar levels are reached because of the inefficient supply of glucose to the brain and other organs of the body.

Are you Pre-Diabetic?

Before dinner nibble on a dill pickle, nuts, guacamole or veggies or a vinegarette salad. These are sugar blockers....or make a cucumber, chopped onion and shredded carrot salad in vinegar. It is also sugar blocking....might help being grumpy

FREEDOM151 Posts: 209
11/6/13 12:38 P

I have added fruit/veg smoothie to my diet and cut fast food in half. I am told I am grouchy unless I have just eaten fast food. Will the grouchies go away with time?

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