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8/5/13 9:18 A

Thank you...had fun, overate but moving on.

MAMA_CD Posts: 1,507
8/5/13 7:34 A

I hope did it and enjoyed the shower, focusing on the fun, not the food. You were on the right track by planning and having a snack before going. I probably would have chosen a boiled egg before because it will put off hunger longer than an apple for me.

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8/4/13 7:00 P

Thanks everyone. Had fun, waited too long for lunch (2pm) so my choices weren't the best but I'm letting that go. Onward and upward!!

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8/4/13 3:38 P


Have a good time at the baby shower !! Even if you do overeat, that doesn't make you a bad person or an unhealthy one. One over indulgent meal or even a whole weekend of overeating WILL NOT make or break your healthy lifestyle. If you eat right five out of seven days this week, you're still doing better than the average American.

Try to be mindful of your portions. Try to avoid the packaged goodies in favor of home made. But once again, if you do overindulge, that's okay. As long as this doesn't happen every single weekend, everything really will be fine. This is NOT a diet. an occasional baby shower can be a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy yourself !

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8/4/13 11:52 A

I would also suggest you take a snack with you or an even better choice would be to stop at a store nearby and pick up a fruit tray or veggie tray so that you can have something healthy but also not offend anyone for eating your own snacks.

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8/4/13 11:17 A

Have a more significant snack than just an apple beforehand.

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8/4/13 7:35 A

I'm heading for a baby shower with my Mother (over weight also) and will be thrown all kinds of bad choice foods. I plan on drinking tons of water and have a snack (apple) before getting there. It is a 3 hour ride (one way) and I tend to turn to food when stressed. Hope to make good choices and not go overboard.... emoticon

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