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12/8/12 8:11 P

Thirst, dry mouth, dizziness, headache and muscle weakness are common for mild to moderate dehydration.

Also, Pre-diabetes and diabetes can cause headaches as well as improper nutrition. Fluctuating blood sugar can cause headaches, so balance your sugar levels by eating a carb and a protein. Add vinegar to your daily diet as it helps balance blood sugar and drink water...up your calories to no less than 1200...your body needs nutrition and
energy.,,try 4 oz. to 6 oz. of meat a day to get the protein...Limit red meat as it causes inflammation. Try turkey,chicken, tuna, salmon, sardines

Carbohydrate is the nutrient that has the most influence over your blood sugar levels, which makes proper portion control especially important for carbohydrate.

Foods most likely to trigger headaches and migraines include wheat, milk, cheese, chocolate, coffee, sugar, peanuts, pork, nitrites/nitrates ( lunch meats and hot dogs) and MSG, and of course sugar. Also a high fat diet can trigger a migraine.

Eat turkey, tuna and add seasame seeds to salads and veggies daily to reduce headaches....they have magnesium to help headaches. Also your body might be inflammed...add rosemary to salads and soups as it helps prevent or lessens headaches. Ginger root has anti-inflammatory qualities that help your body reduce the inflammation and swelling that can lead to headaches.

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12/8/12 1:06 P

Yes, 710 calories is definitely not enough, and will cause headaches like that. Be sure you listen to your body when it's giving you signals like that.

Eating something like peanut butter is a great idea to boost your calories. Also drinking fruit juice/milk or eating nuts and dried fruits is a quick and easy way to get calories without having to eat a lot.

I would suggest you plan out ahead of time most of what you're going to eat though, instead of just picking and choosing as you go. That way you will avoid under and over eating, since it's already all planned out for you.

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12/8/12 12:49 P

Hindsight I believe I had too few calories and carbs yesterday. I ended the day with 710 calories I just did not feel like eating. I read something on this sight for those moments this morning that said, try to eat peanut butter something that can provide the larger calories in smaller quantities.

12/7/12 4:48 P

As already mentioned...a lower caffeine intake
Too low calorie (food) intake.
Too low carb intake

Can you share more?
Dietitian Becky

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12/7/12 4:45 P

Are you used to having more caffeine by this point in the day? Have you been drinking enough water? Did you get enough sleep last night? Those are usually the 3 culprits whenever I have a sudden headache like that.

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12/7/12 4:42 P

Today started about 40 min. after I ate popcorn for a snack I now have a massive headache not sure why wondering if it is food related, vitamin related, new to sparks, or what ??? any suggestions would be appreciated.

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