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3/7/14 5:50 P

I get tension headaches after my workouts...I have been working out all week hence a head ache all week. That is something I have just learned to deal with....I've gone to doctors and haven't gotten any answers.

NIKKISC2014 Posts: 18
3/6/14 7:21 P

Thanks all! As it would turn out, it was medical related. (: Got some new meds, and SO much better with working out!!!!

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3/6/14 5:55 P

biggest culprits for headaches in general are:

caffeine withdrawl
lack of hydration
lack of protein

I know you mentioned carbs but I haven't heard of that causing a headache for someone unless they are actively starving themselves. However lack of protein or enough protein can easily do it.

As far as coupled with working out, it is most likely a relaxation thing as mentioned before or hydration (also mentioned).

You did mention you are getting a cold however, and if your sinuses are starting to block up you can easily get the same result as a tension headache from any exertion if your sinuses cannot equalize.

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3/4/14 12:40 A

Everyone has some good suggestions here.

If you don't have high blood pressure, you could try drinking a little pickle juice. That always cures the headaches I sometimes get after a strenuous workout. I just drink a couple of ounces. That helps provide electrolytes without the calories of sports drinks.

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2/26/14 6:28 P


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2/26/14 5:21 P

As others mentioned hydration and nutrition is important but so is form. Often when I am working out hard I get tense and have to remember to breathe properly and to relax my shoulders, my jaw and the front of my neck.
Clenching my teeth, holding my body too tightly and hunching my shoulders can give me neck and headache pain. Thankfully my cardio/strength instructor reminds us to breathe deeply, relax and drop our shoulders and to relax the front of our necks and jaws. She is constantly telling us to breathe deeply and to exhale, something I can forget to do because I am focusing so intently on the routine. Just a couple of things to keep in mind as you workout. Hope this is of help.

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,910
2/24/14 7:52 P

Heather has asked you some good questions. In addition, has anything changed recently about your routine? Have you made recent changes to your diet?

Coach Jen

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2/24/14 6:40 P

What workout are you doing that's causing this? Have you checked for any underlying medical problems? (That's one reason it's recommended to see a doc before starting an exercise program.)

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NIKKISC2014 Posts: 18
2/24/14 5:57 P

I drink before, during and after. I always bring 2 large bottles of smart water so I never feel the need to ration. I workout in the am and then at night after dinner . AM is my harder workout. PM is usually a brisk walk of maybe 2-3 miles but nothing intense

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2/24/14 5:53 P

My first culprit for headaches is hydration. How much are you drinking before and during your workout? When do you workout?

NIKKISC2014 Posts: 18
2/24/14 5:44 P

Lately 15-20 min in I'm left with a splinting headache and this will last all day. Anyone else have this problem? I can't tell if it's not getting enough carbs, I'm getting a cold lol but I'm starting to associate exercise with pain

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