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3/25/13 9:25 A

You have already had success by losing a pound! Good Job! You are doing the right thing by looking to people who might share some of your struggles for support! The main thing is to take the first step. If you do what you have always done you will get what you have always got...
I know the feeling of having friends a relatives who are fit and/or skinny. It stinks, and it's not fair, but guess what - that is life. You will gain much more respect for your body if you learn what YOU need to do for YOURSELF to get and stay healthy!
Great job by signing up for coaching and by finding the message boards! So many great tools here. But only work to change one thing at a time. I like the idea that coach Nancy had about a couple of short walks. You can even motivate yourself by purchasing an inexpensive pedometer - look at how many steps you take in an average day then try to increase your steps by 5% per week.
You are on the right track - the key to not having to start over AGAIN is not giving up in the first place. We are all going to "fall off the wagon", but it's how you treat yourself after it happens that is important!
Best of Luck!

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Try not to compare your journey with those around you--easier said than done--however, you cannot change the past, but you are in control of today and all the tomorrows yet to come. That said, by starting out with making small changes--just a couple of 10 minute walks each day--can do wonders to boost your motivation.

Coach Nancy

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3/25/13 2:16 A

I know everyone may fall off the wagon once in a while...However, it keeps happening. I'm starting over (again) tomorrow. Most of my family is overweight. However, I look at some of my family members and envy them. My sister and brother both are fit easily. My sister can do 30 minutes of light exercise and she will drop the three pounds she needs to and not have to work out again for another month or so. I'm not exaggerating either. Her doctor told her not to do too much during her pregnancy or else it could endanger the baby. She's 7 months pregnant but looks great...

My brother has always been muscular and well toned without trying. He didn't have to do the workouts for any of the sports he did growing up. He rides a bike often, but there was a time he'd ride a bike maybe once every two months and he could easily ride his bike in a very hilly city with no problems. These hills are usually about a mile long going up about half a mile as well...He could do this for hours after not riding his bike for a while.

The weight issue in my family even drove my mother (supposedly) to do crystal meth to lose the little extra weight she had. I see all the commercials for miracle weight loss products, procedures, etc and it depresses me. I suffer from major depression too. My chemical imbalance on top of everything makes it difficult to keep motivated. I eat all the time due to stress, depression, anything really. I just joined spark coach's motivation track and the goal they had me do today was look at the weight you've lost as an actual object like dumbbells and such. Well the last I looked I had lost only one pound. I looked my cat's canned food and realized that was a little less than 3 cans.

My boyfriend also started a new job where he is more active and already after two weeks he looks at least 10 pounds lighter...I know this is a lot of down all at once, but I was hoping someone out there could relate and help me find ways to motivate myself...any help would be greatly appreciated.

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