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4/8/12 10:31 A

My suggestion is to try to eat fewer calories early in the day so that you still have some allotted calories left for later. Let's face it, you having Muesli and honey for breakfast: that's a lot of calories! Find some lower calorie alternatives so that you can eat the same volume and feel satisfied while you consume less calories.

You can only reduce your portion sizes so far before you feel unsatisfied. You need some volume. At some point, you have to substitute some lower calorie options for the higher calorie food.

For example, melon and berries don't have all that many calories...and with a piece of whole grain toast can be a good breakfast. An egg white omelette. I often eat 3 WASA crackers (20 calories each) with a little peanut butter for breakfast.

For lunch ... Incorporate some low cal veggies, salad, fruit, cottage cheese, etc. into the meal so that you eat less of the higher calorie foods. You don't have to give up the high calorie stuff completely -- just eat less of it by eating a little of it ALONG WITH some low calorie foods to give you the volume (and fiber) that you need to feel satisfied.

Good luck!

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Maybe you need to re-think your daily caloric allotment; maybe, your original estimates do not reflect your needs; nor lifestyle requirements?

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Hey Sparkies!
I used to be on this site a lot about 8 months ago. I had successfully lost 23lbs in 6 months and was using this great site to help me out...It did!
However, over the fall and winter of last year I just stopped everything...I have only gained 5lbs back of the 23 over the last six months. That is a good thing for me as I would normally have gained all of it back as happened in previous years.
Well I feel good and I am ready to start up again! I am tracking my food, walking with a buddy 4 times a week and putting some tools in place that helped me to lose before.
I am battling with keeping to the recommended calories! I have even allowed for an extra 100 and can't keep with that either! I definitely struggle with the right portion sizes as they feel so small. I have added more fruit and lighter milk and don't eat junk really. But by the time I have had a bowl of muesli and coffee with milk and honey, I am half way through the calories I should have for the day. Then night comes and I really want to eat...I will have done fairly well throughout the day but tend to blow it at night and go over and lose nothing.
I need some motivation, tips, advice on how to stick to my plan! I know I shouldn't eat more but I just do...I am sabotaging myself it feels like!
Would love to have your insights!
Thanks in advance!
Alison emoticon

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