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5/31/13 2:12 P

I tend to think of whole, unprocessed (or minimally processed) foods as "healthy". The fewer ingredients, the better.

Though, I think there can be room in our diets for all sorts of different foods, as long as we're not getting too many empty calories and our proper balance of protein, carbs, fats. aka we don't have to be 100% healthy all the time (and in fact, that would be a recipe for failure for me if anything considered "unhealthy" was off limits). If I have fulfilled my calorie and nutrient needs and have calories left for a soda - I may indulge in that soda.

Focus on your nutrients. That will help you decide which foods are more "valuable". If you're wondering about particular foods or nutrient readings, just ask.

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5/31/13 2:01 P

I hope you started eating more calories per day, based on the concerns listed here. Good luck on your efforts.

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5/31/13 1:57 P

I also took the liberty of checking your nutrition tracking. I noticed that you are consuming a lot of your calories in drinks so you might want to try switching to diet sodas and other sugar free drinks. I also noticed that you are skipping meals which would explain why you are feeling weak. It's OK to eat, in facts it's a GOOD thing. I thought about different ethnic foods I like and then looked up recipes for them on this site. I found some awesome recipes (Alyson's vegetarian chili, authentic chicken curry, etc.) Perhaps you could think about the stuff you like and look for recipes here. You can always adapt them to cut some of the fat and calories out if you feel like the counts are too high for you. Maybe try to go for higher volume but low calorie....that is what has worked for me. Good luck. Let us know how you are doing.

5/31/13 1:19 P

Here are over 100 healthy super foods to get you started:

Notice things like energy drinks, cola, chips, cookies, candy...didn't make the list.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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5/31/13 1:19 P

It's difficult to provide more feedback, because we don't know what you're eating. However, I did take the liberty of taking a look at your shared food trackers (thanks for that... it helps a lot when answering questions.)

I notice that you're eating under 1000 calories on most days. Is this due to incomplete tracking, or is this how much you're actually eating? I also notice that 150-300 of those calories are coming from soda. You're dangerously shortchanging your nutritional needs.

Eating 800-900 calories is not going to make you lose weight faster; in fact, it's a dangerous risk to your body because you won't get enough nutrition to keep your body functioning at its best. Over time, you can sabotage your efforts by short-changing your metabolism, which will slow to meet t he low intake you're providing it.

The SP experts explain more here:

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5/31/13 12:58 P

Can you elaborate on what you mean by substantial? If you mean more filling than maybe you need to be eating more starchy carbs, such as potatoes, yams, bananas, etc. Or you might need a boost in healthy fats. If you eat meat then perhaps you need to eat slightly bigger portions.

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5/31/13 12:49 P

i do eat alot of veggies and fruit i just crave something more substantial

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5/31/13 12:40 P

IDK but since we started eating more fresh foods we only shop the outside aisles of the grocery stores. My basic belief is that 90% of your diet should be whole fresh foods - with emphasis on eating lots of fresh veggies and fruits.

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5/31/13 12:33 P

whats a good way to decide if its healthy for my "diet" i havent gone shopping yet and only have whats in the house right now ...

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