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11/12/12 10:06 P


ILOVEMALI Posts: 1,538
11/12/12 1:01 P

congratulations on quitting smoking!! It's the best thing that you could have done for yourself.

MSGAYLE68 Posts: 122
11/12/12 12:49 P

Trying to quit? I've been there and done that....the hard way. I actually quit in year 2000. Let me tell you about that: I had struggled to quit for years but was never successful for more than 3 weeks. Always had excuses. One night, I found myself having a heart attack (my first) and knew I had to stop smoking. My neighbor transported me to the hospital and all I could think about was, where are my cigs? Wish I had one right now. My neighbor was a non-smoker and I couldn't ask her if she minded if I had one last smoke. She had told me the only thing that should smoke is a chimney. I did some serious thinking at that point; had even joked I could quit if somebody would lock me up for 4 days in a room. You see my point don't you? I am about to be in a doubt for at least 4 days, knowing this I had to think how I was going to manage the cravings.....what would I do to stop them. I decided to talk: I would talk to anyone and everybody that would give me the time of day....and it worked . I went home 4 days later and figured out my next strategy. At the first sign of a craving....out the door I went; working in yard, cleaning basement...any activity that kept me out of the house and a comfy chair. With my hands dirty, I didn't like smoking while digging in dirt or cutting the grass. On January 8, 2014 it will have been 14 years since I quit smoking and you can do it too.

HEALTHYJOY50 Posts: 58
11/12/12 12:29 P

I quit quite a few years ago...and actually lost weight at the same time! I drank my water through a straw...I don't know why but I found it really helpful! It might have been the "sucking" motion or maybe just that water helps flush your system or maybe it was just the action of picking something up and putting it to my mouth! I also made conscious substitutions for some of my trigger times (instead of snacking!). I would make a point to pace when I talked on the phone and I would put on my favourite music and sing at the top of my lungs when I was driving! I hope this helps....I wish you success!!!

HAPPINESS-IS--- Posts: 44
11/12/12 12:20 P

My Mom swore by string cheese when she quit smoking. By peeling it and eating it slowly, and I guess the fact that it's shaped like a cigarette make it a good distraction and was satisfying. Don't beat yourself up too much about the snacking. Your body will level out and once the anxiety and crave for cigarettes goes away you'll be able to figure out a good routine and eating habits. It's more important to completely kick the smoking habit and find a new routine besides food to replace that void. Good luck!!

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,973
11/12/12 10:42 A

I think it's way more important for your health to quit smoking than to snack a little more. Maybe you could reach for some sugar free gum or crunchy veggies when the snack attack hits you.

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11/12/12 9:19 A

I've never smoked, but I've had a couple of friends who went through this. Have you tried gum? It worked really well for one of them. :)

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/12/12 8:43 A

Having never been a smoker, I can't really say what struggles you have, but I have had plenty of family that has quit and are better for it.
I agree that you should snack on healthy items. Stay away from the sugar and fattening stuff that you don't need. Don't want to replace one vice for another.

Good Luck.

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11/11/12 8:08 P

Congrats on quitting smoking. I quit on July 9th, and I feel like it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. If you can't quit snacking, just make sure it is on carrots, celery, and things like radishes and other foods like that. I have not been totally successful at keeping my weight down after quitting, however I am currently on my journey to lose the gained weight and more on top of that. Good luck to you and I am wishing you wll.

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11/11/12 8:00 P

I just quit smoking 3 weeks ago and I am having a hard time not snacking. I have never been a snacker but I am trying to feel that void of not smoking and its really hard.

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