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SEPTLEFTY Posts: 426
2/2/12 8:53 A

Im still going

2/1/12 2:47 P

I logged on today for encouragement and I thank you all for fulfilling that need. I have done so badly over the last year that I realize my attitude is that I'm a lost cause now. I've been unemployed for almost a year now, and I've packed on the pounds. I eat when I'm bored. I eat when I'm frustrated. I eat even more at night just because I've allowed the bad habit to overwhelm my common sense. I'm really just ticked off at myself. It's nice to know that I'm not alone, and I'm not a lost cause!


BEADLADY10 Posts: 31
2/1/12 2:34 P

Totally agree about the portion size. If I fix country style steak and rice for dinner, I just have a little bit of each and leave off the gravy then add veggies to fill me up.

One thing about all the water.....add up the steps you're taking and use them as exercise and be sure to cut off the water early in the evening!!!!!!

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2/1/12 2:23 P

I also definitely agree with all the dietary information. Basically, I find watching my calories and just my sodium works best for me. I believe, when you are watching your calories, you are going to naturally gravitate to lower calorie foods like vegetables, fruit, fish or lean meats, fat free foods, etc....Sometimes though, the low fat means higher sodium to replace the missing taste, so I try to keep an eye on that as well. I don't think there is anything wrong with carbs - I love rice, potatoes, pasta - I just don't eat a whole lb of pasta at one sitting anymore.
Mostly, it's the portion size we need to watch - not the item itself. Everything is okay to eat - it's just no going overboard on any one thing. One thing I do try to do is drink a lot more fluids. I have a 32oz bottle I fill up and take to work everyday. I may not always get in the recommended 8 glasses (geez - at my age I'd be up peeing all night) but I am at least getting in some good fluids. Sometimes adding one packet of 0 cal drink mix flavoring helps me to get it down a little easier. As my mother always said (and at 87 and still in great shape still does) "everything in moderation".

DEENASUE Posts: 45
2/1/12 1:15 P

I agree with the to much information!!! I am just working on calories and eating good food!!

JUSTYNA7 Posts: 6,533
2/1/12 12:48 P

I think my biggest problem is TOO much information. I find myself struggling between different ideas of how I should eat. Low carb? Small frequent meals? More good fats? More protein? More fiber? Keep to my calory range? I also have medications that I need to take with food or one hour before eating which are throwing off my old routine. Add to that that diabetics who exercise before they eat seem to have muscle cells that collect sugars directly from the blood cells. It's like a huge juggling act and I am not the best figuring out the routines let alone keeping to them. I read blogs of what is working for OTHER people. I sometimes want to be them. Hmmm. Being over 50 and diabetic I am trying to take it all in but I get overwhelmed or change gears mid drive.

What worked for me before was increasing my vegetable servings each day to aim for 5 and more was great. That gave me more fiber too. I did cut out butter which when I logged my food shocked me with how many empty calories it added. Other than that I did not count calories and I tried to eat intuitively... although I find I get sudden hunger when I will grab anything so regular eating is important to keep me on track. Sigh...

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2/1/12 12:10 P

After losing about 70 lbs several years ago and keeping it off (first time in my life keeping it off)
I started to gradually lose my grip.This came about as I was going through a period of depression. The depression was more like a "gray cloud" above me - probably hormonal, because I couldn't attribute it to anything going on in my life that I felt depressed about.
I still continued to exercise and pushed myself, although my heart wasn't fully into it like it had been and my eating, although I still kept to my routine during the day - I had a hard time in the evenings and found myself falling back into old bad habits. I kept on trying to get myself on track; I was good for a few days and then would fall off again. I joined Spark for the new year and found that I loved this site. The site I used to belong to had changed and wasn't as helpful anymore. I started out good for the new year and once again, fell off. Then I decided to give myself a break and stop pressuring myself. I am so scared about gaining the weight and losing this new wonderful lifestyle I have been living - that I was getting myself more frustrated. The break only lasted a week - 10 days. It was a little lime I allowed myself not to feel like I HAD to exercise; I still didn't go crazy eating but I tried not to judge myself too harshly. One of the problems I had was that many days I had overpowering sugar cravings. On my last craving day - which is a week ago now, all I could think about was cake with heavy sweet frosting. At the supermarket, instead of buying everything in site, I was able to talk myself down a knotch and wound up with some cookies and fat free frozen yogurt.
After that evening - I was able to get myself back on track and so far - I have been on my best and longest streak. I am back to working out everyday, my pants that were tight and hard to zipper are now back on me today. My attitude has been more like myself; I just hadn't felt like me for so long. I had gained some weight but losing my desire and my fit lifestyle mode was worse than anything. I can lose the few pounds but having the right attitude and mindset is so much more iimportant. All I can say is - you just have to keep trying. I try not to think about "I wonder how long this streak will last and if I will fall again" but I try not to focus on that and just keep on going forward everyday and making each day better. I like how I feel when fitness and eating right is how I live. This affects everything in my life - how I feel about me and all the decisions I make coming from these feelings. I know we all can do it; we just have to keep going forward and staying on the road.

JUSTYNA7 Posts: 6,533
2/1/12 9:15 A

I am trying to focus on my GOOD choices rather than my bad. I am not perfect and I am still learning but I am changing, slowly. I was realizing that if I had not made the choice to start getting healthy I would be in a very bad place today. No I'm not at my goal weight yet but exercise is a part of my life and I am making better food choices all the time. It all started with deciding to do SOMETHING every day no matter how small.

SEPTLEFTY Posts: 426
2/1/12 8:47 A

Ive been doing so much better

SEPTLEFTY Posts: 426
1/31/12 11:34 P

I on a roll.

1/31/12 11:30 P

It is nice to find others who slide back a bit before getting back on track...and no judging! Got motivated tonight just reading a few posts and did another video! So check in on a couple of times a day and find something that motivates you to do something no matter how small that something is!

SEPTLEFTY Posts: 426
1/31/12 10:39 P

Im getting there

JADOMB SparkPoints: (134,622)
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1/30/12 3:49 P

Hey, it's a start. Just remember, A big Oak tree began as just a little nut. ;-) , The beginning of the longest journey, began with first putting one foot in front of the other. And my all time favorite, Today is the first day of the rest of my life. God bless

SEPTLEFTY Posts: 426
1/30/12 2:37 P

Im 3days rolling along so far

DEENASUE Posts: 45
1/30/12 11:32 A


JADOMB SparkPoints: (134,622)
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1/30/12 11:28 A

Yes, it's amazing to see what can motivate a person. It isn't always money and fame. LOL And it doesn't have to be some mind-blowing reason either. It just has to be important to that person. I read lots of motivational messages and such and many are great and sound nice, but they don't dig in to me. So I continue to read all kinds and from all sources to find the ones that hit home. Sometimes they are a bit crude, but they work. One of my favorites is from John Wayne, "Life is tough, but it's tougher if you're stupid". LOL One could modify that for us fitness folks. "Life is tough, but it's tougher if you're lazy". ;-) God bless

DEENASUE Posts: 45
1/30/12 9:07 A

Thanks JADOMB great post....I agree A Dragonfly, my baby graduates June 1st, all my kids will be together great time for a family picture :)
I thought my week went better, but I was up .8 lbs. looking back over the week I can see error so wish me luck a new week has begun...

A.DRAGONFLY Posts: 143
1/29/12 4:09 P

JADOMB said, "...I want to look good and healthy when I give my daughter away on her wedding in one year..."

That is what I call an A+ motivation statement. I do not have a wedding in the future, but I will try to think of an event or create an event that would be meaningful to me.

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JADOMB SparkPoints: (134,622)
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1/29/12 1:02 P

When I was younger I was in very good shape, I even had aspirations to joining the SEALs. I didn't though and that's a whole other story. But even when I was very inspired and dedicated, I had my ups and downs due to so many outside interests and distractions. We all do. Over the last 20 years I have slipped due to my very dedicated focus on raising good children. My one mistake was that I was unable to balance their wants and needs with mine. Now that they have grown up, my wife and I are able to get back to taking better care of ourselves. So we are now on that wagon again. I have only been back for a week but I have total focus to continue on. That's not to say I won't hit hard spots in my journey, but I have faith that I will continue on. The main reason for that is that I have PURPOSE. My short term goal and purpose is that I want to look good and healthy when I give my daughter away on her wedding in one year. My long term goal and purpose is that I want to remain healthy in order to enjoy watching as my kids go on their own and as grand kids come into the picture. In my 20s I stopped smoking because I didn't want to be known as the stinky uncle, now I don't want to be known as the fat uncle, grandpa, etc. So find a purpose that means something to you and keep it in focus. Keep the faith my friend, and know that you are not alone in this journey.

SEPTLEFTY Posts: 426
1/28/12 1:07 A

Im sliding back a little

DEENASUE Posts: 45
1/27/12 4:19 P

I'm having an awesome day!! My daughter (a Senior) just go an award in Math...Looking forward to a great weekend :) Calories..Check....water..check...can't wait to weigh Sunday :)

A.DRAGONFLY Posts: 143
1/27/12 1:35 P

Fitness- I did well this week with my goals. I am continuing my 5 days a week I started with the 10 Minute Challenge. My new goal is to include strength, cardio, and flexibility. Give me a choice and I will pick a strength workout every time.

Nutrition - According to their charts, I am eating the right balance of foods, but not eating enough calories. I get busy and tend to skip lunch. I still have my extra 30 pounds of body fat. No weight loss.

Water - I need to focus on this one. I have never checked off more than 4 glasses on the daily tracker.

Motivation - I am having trouble defining my motivation statement and my reward. In my opinion, it is the most important part of the equation. I want to remain active is too vague. It does not nudge me on the days when I would rather avoid the exercise or eat a whole box of macaroni and cheese.

Here is my motivation and goal from 2 years ago. I really liked the strenuous mountain trails at National Parks - the scenery, the sense of accomplishment, and the solitude. My Motivation -Be able to hike and finish the mountain trails at the National Parks. My Reward -Vacation trip to a National Park. The arthritis in my knees has killed this one. I need something to replace it.

SPARKARINO SparkPoints: (189,658)
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1/27/12 11:18 A

Happy Friday -- how is everyone doing? I did fairly well yesterday but because I was taken out for lunch I had a generous midday meal, which I am actually trying to get away from. However, that was a special case and now I am back on track.

Mini-goal for today: to eat several smaller meals spread over the whole day (rather than using most calories up at midday meal and then being hungry by bed-time). And to drink lots of water and have raw veggies on hand for snacking.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

SEPTLEFTY Posts: 426
1/26/12 1:24 P

I am working on that now thanks.

A.DRAGONFLY Posts: 143
1/26/12 11:13 A

The best thing I did was the 10 Minute Streak Exercise Challenge. It got me focused on making a change. The goal was to start a good habit, not to lose weight.

You commit to doing 10 minutes of exercise 5 days out of each week.

Email assignments: Each week they send you an email of 2-3 easy assignments. You go to the Message Board for that challenge and check mark the box when you finish that weeks assignments.

Tracker: Each day you do a 10 minute exercise, you go to your tracker page for Other Goals and check mark the box. When you see that you only have 3 days left in the week and you are missing 1 day of your exercise, it pushes you that little bit.

Suggestions: They guide you to some 10 minute exercise videos and offer alternatives for those who choose not to use the videos. I discovered several I could do.

Support: There is a message board with people just like you. One gentleman and myself were still having problems establishing a routine time to exercise. We made a pact to use 8pm as our deadline. If we did not do our 10 minutes by 8pm, we agreed that we would both do it right then; even if all we did was stand in front of the tv and march or flap our arms.

DEENASUE Posts: 45
1/26/12 11:08 A

Good Morning and yeah I found you all :)
I also did Weight Watchers and loved the program and the support...Spark is alot like WW calories instead of goal was to lose my extra weight without spending money is why I came back to Spark People. Alot of my friends are doing these fade diets to lose weight fast, but will it stay off? I have friends spending 238.00 a week on some protein diet and others putting drops under their tongue...weird..I just want to prove that you can lose weight and eat health and not spend money doing it....
Something that really help me is to take the time and cut up all my raw veggies and I have them in a bowl in the refrigerator ready to eat raw or steam. I don't thing I have ever eaten so many fresh steamed or roasted good and so healthy.
Thursday's are a bit harder for me because I go to the Eagles Lodge and play bingo with my friends and have a few glasses of red wine (yum) there is lots of calories in my goal for the day is 12 oz. of wine....3 1/2 cups...wish me luck and hope I win the black out :)

SPARKARINO SparkPoints: (189,658)
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1/26/12 10:19 A

La Chispa,

Have you ever thought of joining a Challenge? The 5% Challenges are great for accountability and for meeting new Sparkers, too. The goal is to lose 5% of your body weight over a 10 week time period (I think it's 10 weeks, something like that). There will be one starting again in March. If interested, go to this link and post your interest in joining the next challenge.

SPARKARINO SparkPoints: (189,658)
Fitness Minutes: (150,667)
Posts: 27,651
1/26/12 10:06 A

Glad to see several of us are drinking more water and snacking on raw veggies -- that's the way we will get where we want to be!

Well, yesterday I said my my mini-goal was to focus on spreading several small meals over the whole day and getting out of the large midday meal pattern -- and I did pretty well, definitely better than I have been. And, went out last night to a celebration of the Year of the Dragon, where we were served tea and cake. I took a couple of bites and left the rest of it on the plate. It still bothers me to 'waste' this way, but my Spark Program is more important.

MY MINI-GOAL FOR TODAY IS: spread several small meals over the whole day and get out of the large midday meal pattern. (being taken out for lunch today -- so will see how that goes.) Will report in tomorrow to let you know.

Wishing success to all!

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SEPTLEFTY Posts: 426
1/25/12 8:53 P

Im working on it

SEPTLEFTY Posts: 426
1/25/12 8:36 P

i ate vegetables and chicken

LA_CHISPA Posts: 16
1/25/12 7:50 P

Before writing this, I got a glass of water and a carrot to crunch on. Thanks to those of you who suggested doing that.

I too am having a very hard time starting back.

Are you being ruthlessly mindful of all that you're doing?

Are you congratulating yourself for the little steps that you have been taking? Are you logging what you consume, exercising, drinking the water?

I'm happy to be your buddy, if you are looking for one. I think that might be helpful for both of us.

I used to go to Weight Watchers, and there was an accountability of sorts that came with going to the weekly meeting, standing on the scale and having the weight recorded, then sitting with a group of like-minded people for discussion and support.

Me, I try to go to the gym at least three or four days a week, but other than that I find that I am spending too much time in front of the television and on the computer. And when I am sitting here, it's almost like I am programmed to snack nonstop.

I've been tossing the high calorie snacks that are lying around (I have no control over an opened bag of chips/candy/etc.) but not until after working my way through hundreds of calories first.

I tell myself that I have to break this habit, but I am the embodiment of one step forward one step back.

I sure could use the support right now.

SPARKARINO SparkPoints: (189,658)
Fitness Minutes: (150,667)
Posts: 27,651
1/25/12 4:32 P


the easiest way to get back to here is probably to Bookmark this page in your browser. Otherwise, go to Message Boards, Getting Fit over 50 and look for the topic 'Having a hard time starting back'. If you are still not sure, let me know.

Good Luck, hope to see you all back tomorrow.

1/25/12 1:50 P

I not only fell off the wagon, I lost it somewhere. I was decluttering and found "The Spark." I broke all the decluttering rules by starting to read it, possibly why the decluttering is advancing at a snails pace. The book is now on my nightstand and I have been reading it bit by bit since. A Streak of sorts I guess. Anyway, that's where I am, beginning again. Good luck all. emoticon

DEENASUE Posts: 45
1/25/12 1:35 P

I am so new at this messaging, so how will I find this group tomorrow? any ideas or info on messaging please let me know :)

SUSANS706 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (17,718)
Posts: 4,675
1/25/12 11:21 A

Been jumping on and off the ship for awhile, but have been doing a better job as of late, and the results are starting to show. Just keep trying to make the right choices!

SPARKARINO SparkPoints: (189,658)
Fitness Minutes: (150,667)
Posts: 27,651
1/25/12 10:38 A

Great idea! -- I was just thinking I need to get back to drinking more water and also having more raw veggies on hand for snacking. Will prepare some veg this morning and fill up my Brita water jug, too.

JJMCHONE53 Posts: 276
1/25/12 10:22 A

Getting off computer to fill water bottle. Yeah!

SPARKARINO SparkPoints: (189,658)
Fitness Minutes: (150,667)
Posts: 27,651
1/25/12 10:21 A

Yes, I would like to keep in touch with this group also. I have been having a hard time keeping myself on track for the last while. I am quite active and eat pretty healthy but need to cut back on amounts to get to my goal weight. A problem I have is that my hungriest time seems to be midday when I end up eating too much, use up all my calories too early in the day and then have to have a snack at bed-time because I am hungry again -- this isn't working for me!

** OK, so today my mini-goal is to focus on spreading several small meals over the whole day and getting out of the large midday meal pattern. ** I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes.

Wishing success to all!

DEENASUE Posts: 45
1/25/12 8:58 A

Good Morning, Like you all, I jumped ship awhile back and am on and ready to sail...LOL
I started back 12/28 and have lost 10.4 lbs. it's slow but so worth it...I would love to be involved with this group and get support and help give support :)

SEPTLEFTY Posts: 426
1/25/12 12:20 A

I hada hard time starting back but im doing better.

JJMCHONE53 Posts: 276
1/24/12 11:56 P

I went to the today to get some healthy (healthful) snacks. I need to make a written plan on my eating. I need to eat more often and smaller amounts each time I eat. I don't get real hungry but then I overeat. Not just because I'm hungry (I'm never starving, even if I don't eat often.) but because it is good. I really enjoy food. I think I need a mental picture of myself as a thin person. Yes, I think my problems are mental. emoticon

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MAGS56 Posts: 284
1/24/12 8:59 A

I like that " just need to Spark on". I also bought the book.

MAGS56 Posts: 284
1/24/12 8:58 A

I am in the same boat as you are and what I find helps me is to just keep on doing it. For instance when I start a new diet program and I cannot seem to stay on it for a day I just keep starting over everyday and after a few days I find I am on the program longer and longer each day. Meaning let's say I start the diet today and I manage only to get through breakfast but eat badly for the rest of the day - the following day I start over again - and maybe for a few days I may get through just to lunch but a couple more days and I get through the whole day and that inspires me to do the same the following day. Therefore, just keep at it everyday, each meal you do right is less calories. Like NIKE says: JUST DO IT.

1/24/12 8:14 A

I'm also having those issues. Stress eating and eating when I get home from work are killing me! I really need to rededicate each day as I get into the car.

STARRBEAMS1 SparkPoints: (13,443)
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Posts: 73
1/23/12 10:07 P

Glad your back! emoticon

BARBLYNN4 Posts: 29
1/23/12 2:17 P

I started sparking a while back and fell off the wagon, so to speak. I got back on track Jan. 2 and haven't looked back. I have bad days but the good are more frequent now. I also got my family involved and cook only what is healthy for us. Hey if one of them wants a burger there are fast food places near here, just don't bring it home. I use a lot of sparkrecipes. There is a recipe for any occasion or lifestyle on there. Also there are lots of recipes that will satisfy any craving.
Keep on going, if you fall down get back up and start over again. Remember today is the first day of the rest of your life!

JJMCHONE53 Posts: 276
1/21/12 9:12 P

Thanks for the support. I am trying to spend more time on Spark so that I will get in control. Keep posting!

CHUM48 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (24,287)
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1/21/12 9:06 P

this is the best place to start back

TATTER3 SparkPoints: (318,447)
Fitness Minutes: (177,669)
Posts: 14,832
1/21/12 8:21 P

Me two!!! Just need to Spark on! We can do this. I'm working step by step and trying to me...will be glad to work with you!! Keep going!

JJMCHONE53 Posts: 276
1/20/12 3:39 P

I have had a hard time getting back on track in the new year. I need someone to inspire me. The worse I feel, the worse I do and the worse I do, the worse I feel. I know all the right things to do but don't seem to know how to get going. Did great in October then from Thanksgiving on, I have been so bad.

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